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Twitchy  --  MAGA Photoshop moment  --  ‘MORE media lies’: Looks like there’s a whole lot MORE to story about Catholic students ‘harassing’ Native American protester

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  George Soros Puppet Nancy Pelosi Rejects President Trump’s Offer to Legalize ‘Dreamers’ in Exchange for Border Security Wall Money  --  Because if She Did, Democrats Would No Longer be Able to Use Them as Political Pawns.  Just like Progressive DemonRats accuse "Right Wing Extremists" of using murdering babies in Mother's Wombs as a "Political Football"

DailyStar.Co.UK  --  Biblically-Predicted ‘Mark of the Beast’ Rolls Out in Europe, Promises Eternal Life in Exchange for ‘Downloading Your Soul’ Onto an Implanted Microchip 

LegalInsurrection  --  “If gun-free zones work, how come 98% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones?”  --  David "Media" Hogg Appearance at Penn State Prompts Pro-Second Amendment Protest

TheIndependentSentinel  --  Oregon Democrats are Coming for Your Babies  --  The State Is Coming for Your Newborn! OR Is First with Universal Home Visits

AllNewsPipeline  --  Progressive Socialist Democrats Are A Pathetic Reminder Of What America Is Becoming   --  Death And Destruction Continue To Flow Over Our Southern Border As Democrats Dawdle And The Blabbering Fools In The Mainstream Media Lie To The American People

JustusAKnight  --  13 minute YouTube Video  --  The Passport To END America Is Here— Real IDs 9/11 Motive...

GovernmentSlaves  --  Real ID--Microchipping.  I do believe the "Mark of the Beast" is inevitable.  Only a matter of when  --  Humans to download their SOULS onto microchips so they can ‘live FOREVER’

EAGNews  --  UT-Arlington students petition against ‘culturally insensitive’ pro-life display

NaturalNews  --  EXPOSED: Vaccine deep state plot to seize NaturalNews.com domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda

BigLeaguePolitics  --  Follow the money trail  --  EXCLUSIVE: Native Man Who Harassed Catholic Teens Linked To Big Money Left-Wing Activism

CanadaFreePress  --  Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Warner sign letter demanding FBI defy Trump declassification order


SurvivalDan101  --  I'm quite sure that TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome is the gateway disease to the "Zombie Apocalypse"  --  No More A Sci-Fi Movie, But Reality: A Zombie Apocalypse IS Scientifically Possible

Newsweborder  --  What Would It Really Be Like To Have No Running , Sewer, Newspaper Or Internet? No Supermarket Or Fire Department Close At Hand?

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  I have been reading articles mentioning the number 30.  Stay tuned!  --  Does the President Have Eleven Days Left?

HalTurnerRadioShow  --  La Palma volcano M4.2 Earthquake! Fears of MEGA TSUNAMI for U.S. East Coast

Breitbart  --  Many of the EO's FDR signed allowing for Japanese Internment Camps are still in place.  This would be a great solution for placing the Progressive, DemonRats, inspired by the Enemedia Presstitutes at PMSNBCNN and their "toxic feminism"  --  Photos: Women’s March Protesters Call For Trump to ‘Drop Dead,’ His Children to Be Caged

WorldNetDaily  --  Disabled Veteran: Democrat Senator Kamala Harris Prefers Illegal Aliens Over Vets

Stream  --  True, the word "homosexuality" is not mentioned in Scripture, King David, in 2 Samuel 23:6-7 called Sodomites, "sons of Belial."  Belial in Strongs is H1100 and is defined:   From H1097 and H3276; without profit, worthlessness; by extension destruction, wickedness (often in connection with H376, H802, H1121, etc.): - Belial, evil, naughty, ungodly (men), wicked.  LORD Jesus Himself frequently used the word "dog" to reference Goyim Gentiles, of which Sodomites are included  --  ‘Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality!’ Why Not?

TheWashingtonStandard  --  Senator & Congressman Introduce Bill To Withhold Payment From Representatives During Shutdown


DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  The Axis of Unity’s Two Pronged Attack Upon the United States

WorldNetDaily  --  Why Trump's right. It's all about the border now
TheBostonHerald  --  Keep docs’ gun questions off the charts  --  Doctors have no business asking about gun ownership

Breitbart  --  I suggest an toasted slivered almond topped, slightly melty Brie with Sesame crackers to go with the DemonRat "Whine"  --   Fact Check: Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats Planned to Fly Commercial (from an Air Force Base)

NewsBusters  --  CNN, Politifact Downplay 2,000 Homicides Committed by Illegals

TheChristianPost  --  Will Roe go? Supreme Court lawyer talks overturning landmark abortion case

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Hannity Is About to Lose His Job for Reports Like This

AllNewsPipeline  --  Time For A National Discussion About What Is Actually Destroying Society  --  Toxic Feminism Is The Real Problem: Modern Day Feminists Are Angry, Manipulative, Controlling, Racists  

Breitbart  --  Montana Sen. Steve Daines Launches Pro-Life Caucus in Senate

BeforeItsNews  --  Ted Cruz Perfectly Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Is so Terrified of Trump Giving the SOTU Address (Video)

WeaselZippers  --  CNN’s John King Asks If Second Lady Karen Pence Should Be Denied Secret Service Protection Because Of Her Beliefs


JustusaKnight  --  Alert! New Global Health Threat Labeled Deadly As Ebola – Anti-Vaxxers Beware!!

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  3:10 minute video  --  Who Owns the Money In Your Bank Account? The Answer Will Surprise You

SteelOnSteel  --  MUST READ TWICE!   Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals-In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems  --  READ RULES 10-13 AND SEE WHAT THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM ARE USING AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP 


DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Cognitive Dissonance Rules the Day

AllNewsPipeline  --  And Our Freedoms Were Betrayed Over To Lucifer For His Soul Taking!  --  Big Tech's China BETA Test For America: We're Caught In An Electronic Prison Of Our Own Making 

TheHill  --  FISA shocker: DOJ official warned Steele dossier was connected to Clinton, might be biased

USNews&WorldReport  --  FBI: Man Wanted to Attack White House With Anti-Tank Rocket

TheDailySheeple  --  $3.5 Trillion A Year: America’s Health Care System Has Become One Of The World’s Largest Money Making Scams

CNSNews   --  Trump: 'A Just Government Abides by the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God'

Breitbart  --  New York Times Op-Ed Urges Open Borders: ‘Let Them In’

AmericanGreatness  --  Take This SOTU and Shove It

AmericanGreatness  --  Sounds like a wonderful plan  --  Several States Invoking Nullification to Rein In Federal Government


TheWashingtonCompost  --  The school that hired Karen Pence requires applicants to disavow gay marriage, trans identity

BizPacReview  --  Judge rules Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes must answer written questions about Benghazi cover-up

NewsMax  --  Could it be Nasty Nazi Nan, that President Trump is winning the war?  --  Pelosi to Trump: Reschedule State of the Union Speech if Shutdown Continues
TheNationalReview  --  The Enemedia Presstitute Progressives are already mounting their attack on what they assume to be, President Trumps next nominee to the SCOTUS  --  Are Democrats Testing a Future Strategy against Amy Coney Barrett?  

TheGatewayPundit   --  Interesting analogy.  My first thought however was, don't most Muslim males have beards?  How many razors would be purchased anyway?  --  Gillette Is Only Running Their Man-Hating Campaign in US – NOT in Saudi Arabia Where They Teach How to Properly Beat Your Wife

TheFreeBeacon  --  Sorry, not sorry.  Couldn't stop laughing when reading this story  --  Announces plans to embark on 'Dignity of Work' tour in early 2020 states

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  Arkansas Medicaid rolls fall by 18,000 after 7 months of work requirements

ABCStLouis  --  It never ceases to amaze me about all the clueless people running around.  If you do a search of right before the WH gathering, there's a picture of President Trump holding both his hands out, spread open.  Few caught the "symbolism" of 5:5. In radio and military lingo, 5x5 means everything is good.  Another signal was the way the Filet of Fish boxes were stacked in an "X" pattern.  Yet another signal to something coming?  --  Clemson National Championship football team impressed by White House fast food spread

TheDailyWire  --  South Dakota Considering Bill Barring Transgender Students From Competing Against Opposite Biological Sex

CourierPress  --  More chaff? Evansville-area radar blips had an answer. These don't

RayGano  --  If this has any validity, and I believe it does, were going to have a period of "climate change" on steroids  --  Speculation – Are the Tribulation Judgments Caused By A Magnetic Pole Shift?  

HalTurnerRadioShow  --  WARNING!  GRAPHIC CONTENT AND PICTURES  --  ***Zimbabwe in Chaos; Army Rounding-up people, Door-to-Door, SHOOTING THEM -- Internet Cut-off ***

TheAmericanConservative  --  William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers

Breitbart  --  Report: 245 Million Christians Facing ‘Extreme’ Persecution Worldwide


APNews  --  Warning Will Robinson.  Because of the shutdown, planes are going to fall out of the sky  --  No. of no-show airport security screeners soars in shutdown

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  California Insurrection Will Lead to 'Food As a Weapon'  --  'Control Oil and you control nations.   Control food and you control the people'--Henry Kissinger-California’s agricultural abundance includes more than 400 commodities. 

DailyMail.UK.Co  --  'Do you want men to be weak spineless sobbing wrecks?' Piers Morgan slams Gillette's new #MeToo-inspired ad and says brand has gone from 'celebrating fabulous masculine qualities' to 'portraying them as evil'  --  'You just alienated about half of your customers': Hundreds of British men threaten to boycott Gillette over #MeToo-inspired advert as they share angry #GetWokeGoBroke tweets

AmericanThinker  --  "Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy?  --  Trump's shutdown trap?
WorldNetDaily  --  Top 9 things you can't talk about freely in America
AllNewPipeline  --  Progressive Socialists Spew 'Facts' Like Drunks Vomiting In The Gutters: Those Trying To Destroy America Will Find Most REAL Americans Will Never Fall For Socialist Indoctrination 
Breitbart  --  Any surprise Sodomite/Sodomite loving former governor Herod is joining the Enemedia Presstitutes at PMSNBCNN  --  John Kasich Signs with CNN as Political Commentator

ToddStarnes  --  Feminist Monsters Call Unborn Babies “Medical Waste”

TheDailyWire  --  WATCH: Laura Loomer Brings Illegal Immigrants To Nancy Pelosi's Home. Pelosi Has Police Remove Them

CharismaNews  --  Gal 6:7  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap  --  The Gay Divide Is Taking Out Churches; Is Yours Next?

NaturalNews  --  Counterthink: Government has been weaponized against humanity to achieve “efficient extermination” of humanity – full show

ChicksOnTheRight  --  Poor, poor, poor little Snowflakes  --  Here’s A Newsflash, SJWs: Masculinity Isn’t Toxic

TheNewAmerican   --  The WCC is a communist front organization that is for a one world government, marriage between people of the same sex, unlimited abortions and no restrictions on child brides as well as their hatred of Israel  --  World Council of Churches Joins With UN and EU to Boycott Israel


BigLeaguePolitics  --  Soy Boy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Won’t Commit to Free Speech for Pro-Lifers

ShepherdsHeart  --  Ten Plagues: Invasion of Imprisoned Supernatural Frogs from the Abyss

InfoWars  --  Once again, Infowars covered this lightyears ahead of MSM so stay tuned for more of tomorrow’s news today!  --  Watch Live: Open Sedition; FBI Caught Targeting Trump

JihadWatch  --  Canada plans to welcome more than 1,000,000 new immigrants in the next three years

JustusAKnight  --  Another valid point in the debate  -- Are We Secretly Being Locked Into Our Own Borders:  The Devious Side Show Hypocrisy

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  California St Government and PG&E Bankrupt! Insurrection Is Near

TheGatewayPundit  --  ***BOOM! President Trump Issues Warning to Deep State: “You’ll Be Surprised at the Names of People Involved in the Corruption” (VIDEO)***

WhatDoesItMean  --  Trump Makes Rapid Pivot To “Chinese Nightmare” As His Annihilation Of “Deep State” Nears​
Breitbart  --  Data: White American Births Below Replacement Level in Every State

TheDailyWire  --  STRANGE: Americans Want The Border Wall But Blame President Trump For The Shutdown

TheDailyCaller  --  I’m A Senior Trump Official, And I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance

TheFreeBeacon  --  Religious institutions exempt from nondiscrimination ordinance addressing gender identity in public accommodation

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  Ohio governor sworn in on a stack of 9 Bibles


USAWatchDog  --  “We cannot sit around and passively depend on a guy we elected President. The President cannot fix this. We need to fix this. . . . This is Main Street versus Wall Street. This is honest books versus dirty books. If you want the United States in 10 years to resemble anything what it looked like 20 years ago, you are going to have to do it, and there is no one else who can do it. You have to first get the intelligence to know what is happening"  --  Secret Money for Private Armies – Catherine Austin Fitts

StrangeSounds  --  For the geoengineering, weird weather readers out there  --  Super double bombogenesis explodes in the NW Pacific Ocean, producing hazardous conditions across the Pacific

AllNewsPipeline  --  Read Fallen Angels and Demonic Possession  --  This Pattern Of High Strangeness That Exists Within The Global Elite Has Led Some To Believe They Really Are Demonic Entities Having Taken Human Form

NaturalNews  --  Very likely tied into Geoengineering and Depopulation of the earth NWO crowd  --  “Mystery virus” spreading like wildfire across U.S. population, putting people in bed for a MONTH… is this a depopulation bioweapon experiment?

NaturalNews  --  Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up

Bustle  --  How Scary Is ‘Replicas?’ The New Keanu Reeves Sci-Fi Movie Is An Emotional AI Nightmare

AllNewsPipeline  --  Govt Shutdown Proves Many Govt Employees Won't Survive A REAL TEOTWAWKI Scenario  --  Expert Warns We Could Soon Start Seeing Some Pretty Dark Scenarios Unfolding As 'Nine Meals To Anarchy' In The 'Dog Days Of Winter' Could Be Calamitous

Breitbart  --  She explained the reason why the theme of this year’s March for Life — the world’s largest pro-life event — is “Unique from Day One: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.” “Years ago, the other side claimed developing babies were ‘lifeless blobs of tissue,’” Mancini said. “They don’t even try that anymore. Ultrasound advances allow us to hear and see heartbeats now at six weeks, and a blood test can tell a baby’s sex by seven weeks now"  --  March for Life Celebrates Science Revealing ‘Humanity of Child in Earliest Stages in Womb’

YouTubeVideo  --  9:21 minute video  --  Major Naval Activity near Gitmo, Ginsberg Death, Comey Tweets

AllNewsPipeline  --  The Life Force Of America Could Grind To A Halt Within Days: 'Black Smoke Matters' Upcoming Trucker Strike Grows - Shortages Will Materialize Quickly And Could Lead To Civil Unrest


YouTubeVideo  --  52:29 minute video  --  Bradlee Dean LIVE

TheUNZReview  --  Placing the USA on a Collapse Continuum with Dmitry Orlov

NowTheEndBegins  --  Presbyterian Church In America (PCA) Becomes Latest Christian Denomination To Accept Transgenders And Same-Sex Unions

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Senator Feinstein Files Bill to Ban Nearly All Civilian Firearms

Rense.Com  --  So, if GWB signed/allocated $50 billion for a border security wall and Barry Soetero was to oversee the project, what happened to the wall and money?  It was nothing more than a big money laundering scheme.  This is why the Progressive DemonRats and RINO's are so against the wall.  President Trump is not in on the Deep State/Shadow Government money laundering scheme  --

President G. W. Bush Signed The 2006 Secure Fence Act For A Border Wall - Where's The $50 Billion? Where's The Fence?

TheHill  --  President Trump is a Pro-Life Nationalist and anti-war.  The Progressive DemonRats and their RINO Deep State Swamp Rat enablers are Pro-War and Pro-Death  --   Juan Williams: Trump's hostile takeover of the GOP 

TheRightScoop  --  It shouldn't be a surprise that the Communist Party USA doesn't have to run a presidential candidate anymore.  They've infiltrated and taken over the DemonRat Party  --  Guy who laughed at his own qualifications IS RUNNING for president! NO, REALLY!!

TheDailyCaller  --  Boston Officials Pushing Law Requiring Doctors To Ask Patients About Their Firearms

Breitbart  --  John Brennan, you didn't just receive an "invitation" to appear before the Military Tribunal at GITMO, did you?  --  Brennan on Shutdown: ‘Trump Has Been Reaching into the Authoritarian’s Toolbox’

TheWesternJournal  --  Now with the North Pole shifting over into north of Russia, expect TURD/TDS to get much worse  --  Watch 1 of the Best Attacks on Illegal Immigration Ever. It Came from Dianne Feinstein 25 Years Ago

AmericanThinker  --  What a Socialist Really Wants

TheChristianPost  --  Bishops react to Episcopal Church expanding gay marriage to objecting dioceses



SputnikNews  --  10 Plagues of Mecca: Horrid Locust Swarms Invade Islam's Holiest City (VIDEOS)

TheDailyMail  --  Huge swarm of locusts descends on Mecca leaving worshippers covered in insects as cleaners battle to control the bugs at Islam's holiest site; No sooner had they ERECTED their IDOL, Saudi Monument at the World Trade Centre  --  LOCUST PLAGUE HITS MECCA! 

Breitbart  --  Exclusive– Angel Mom Mendoza: ‘Slap in Our Face’ to Call Illegal Immigration ‘Manufactured Crisis’

Breitbart  --  Three Women in Congress Introduce Bills to Defund Planned Parenthood

TownHall  --  Lindsey Graham 2.0: ‘Mr. President, the Democrats are Not Working in Good Faith With You — Declare Emergency, Build the Wall Now’

CNSNews  --  NIH Grants UCSF $521,082 90-Day Extension on Contract to Make Humanized Mice With Aborted Baby Parts; No Final Decision Yet on Whether Contract Will be Cancelled

RenewAmerica  --  Trump is right on the border - The Bible says so

RenewAmerica  --  The inescapable link between sodomy and pedophilia

TheEpochTimes  --  Politicians are ‘not out here when it’s 120 degrees, processing a crime scene where 14 people were left to die in the desert’  --  Sheriff: Border Fence Helped Cut Crime in Yuma by 91 Percent

AllNewsPipeline  --  This Is What The MSM Doesn't Want You To Know:  CNN Busted By Local News Station For Hiding Facts, Before Accidentally Telling The Truth About Border Wall - 'It Works'

TheEpochTimes  --  EXCLUSIVE: Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal

AmGreatness  --  Imprecatory Prayers anyone?  It should be the other way around  --  Establishment Republicans Want the Pro-Life Movement Dead

TheWesternJournal  --  Watch 1 of the Best Attacks on Illegal Immigration Ever. It Came from Dianne Feinstein 25 Years Ago

TheWesternJournal  --  Hot Mic Captured Trump’s Incredible 7-Word Question to Fallen Cop’s Brother

GovtSlaves  --  Canada Eh!  --  Police in Canada can now demand breath samples in bars, at home

NaturalNews  --  “Mystery virus” spreading like wildfire across U.S. population, putting people in bed for a MONTH… is this a depopulation bioweapon experiment?

NaturalNews  --  BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton ran weapons into Libya for the Obama administration, while Michael Flynn was targeted because he knew the details


DailyMail.Co.Uk  --  Fertility rate for white women plummets BELOW the limit needed to maintain the population in every single US state

DaveHodgesTheCommonSenseShow  --  Jade Helm 16’s Dress Rehearsal for the Coming Civil War II

NewsWithViews  --  Coach Dave Daubenmire Live  --  Don’t Blame Me, I’m Pro-Life

BusinessInsider  --  The US could lose its crown as the world's most powerful economy as soon as next year, and it's unlikely to ever get it back

TheWashingtonStandard  --  People are starting to notice the massive earth changes going on around them  --  2019: 81 Significant Earthquakes In Alaska So Far

Breitbart  --  DC Comics Set to Release Superhero Comic Book Starring a Bungling Jesus Christ

Grabien  --  Lawmakers have put less thought into other, more expensive projects over the years  --  Things Democrats Have Funded that Cost More than the Border Wall

IndependentSentinel  -- At World Trade Center site  --  Sculpture Celebrating Saudi Arabia Erected on Ground Zero With Inscription That Says ‘There is No God But Allah, and Mohammed is the Prophet’

TheFederalist  --  In these latter days, the greatest way to atone for the sins of uninclusivity is found inside a church known as the Cathedral of Blessed Wokery, currently meeting in a 55,000-square-foot Malibu mansion  --  Woke Progressives Turn Their Public Shaming Ritual Into A Formal Religious Ceremony

NationalReview  --  The Not-So-Pretty Fine Print of the Communist-Democrat ‘Green New Deal’ — Would Cut Military in HALF, End 87 Percent of U.S. Energy…and BAN CARS

FOXNews  --  Six GOP Senators Offer to Trade Amnesties for Border Wall plus Cheap Labor

FOXNews  --  Pompeo, at site of Obama's address to Muslim world, rebukes his legacy: 'Age of self-inflicted American shame is over'

TheChristianPost  --  Unless of course, some Illegal Future DemonRat Voting Invader breaks into he house and murders his wife and children.  I feel a bit sorry for Charles Stanley every time is son opens is mouth and says such nonsense  --  Andy Stanley says Ten Commandments don't apply to Christians

EpochTimes  --  Oh! Look.  Neatly stacked and packed drugs, a bag full of money and firearms that Barry Soetero sold to the Mexican Drug Cartels  --  Trump Invites Grieving Families to Speak at Texas Border Meeting  --  Trump Invites Grieving Families to Speak at Texas Border Meeting

EpochTimes  --  Just love it when the Enemedia Presstitute, Acosta types at PMSNBCNN get "owned"  --  CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Mocked After Showing Border Fence May Be Working

LifeNews  --  Trump Attorney General Nominee Bill Barr: Roe v. Wade is Not “Constitutional,” Will Be Overturned

BigLeaguePolitics  --  Obama Declared 13 National Emergencies — 11 Are Still Active


KrebsonSecurity  --  Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site

FOXNews  --  'Traditional masculinity' deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says

ChristianityToday  --  Congress’s ‘Other’ Christians: The Fastest-Growing Faith on the Hill

TheEconomicCollapse  --  $3.5 Trillion A Year: America’s Health Care System Has Become One Of The World’s Largest Money Making Scams

RumorMillNews  --  5G is yet another technology designed to control the masses and for population control  --  Details: 20,000 Satellites Earmarked for Beaming 5G Radiation at Us from Space and Why This Is A Bad Idea

BeforeIt'sNews  --  Ginsberg (RBG) Fake Funeral Soon, Deep State [Panic] Secret Space Program Disclosure 2019: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

BeforeIt'sNews  --  RFID Chips Found in Newborns All Over Nation - State Pushes One World Government Agenda


InfoWars  --  Army Corps of Engineers will construct wall should President Trump declare a National Emergency  --  White House Coordinating With Army To Begin Work on Border Wall

ShepherdsHeart.Life  --  God vs. the Pantheon

Breitbart  --  The Nuclear Option: Time for Taxpayer Shutdown?

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Army stands ready to build wall when Trump declares national emergency

AllNewsPipeline  --  National Emergency! It's Time For President Trump To 'Round Up' The Traitors Who Sold Out America For Global Tyranny - 'If We Don't Defend America, We'll Lose America'

TheMoscowTimes  --  Russian Patriarch Warns ‘Antichrist’ Will Control Humans Through Gadgets

TheRightScoop  --  WATCH: College students are SPEECHLESS when they find out “Trump quotes” about the border are NOT from Trump

LifeAction  --  So much for 3%: Planned Parenthood prez says abortion ‘our core mission’


TheLondonEconomic  --  IS THIS HOW A FOURTH OF LIFE WILL BE KILLED 'BY THE WILD BEASTS OF THE EARTH' AS DESCRIBED IN REVELATION 6:8? Wild Monkeys Carrying New Deadly EBOLA Viruses Threaten CATASTROPHIC HUMAN PANDEMIC  --  Contact with wild monkeys and apes puts humans at risk of new diseases like deadly Ebola virus

TheOrganicPrepper  --  Defending a Venezuelan Homestead: “Eventually people will come for what you have”

TheDailySheeple  --  Very interesting  --  January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

TheDailySheeple  --  Anti-Second Amendment Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Charged With Extortion: Surprise – Had 23 Guns In Office

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  Elizabeth Warren loses voice after a day in Iowa: 'Too much time with little people'

EpochTimes  --  More jobs Barry Soetero said "to get used to it, those jobs are not coming back"  --  Nucor to Build New Steel Mill in US, Adding 400 Jobs

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  Wait a minute.  Taxpaying Americans are funding "Calypso Louie" and the "Nation of Islam?"  --  Congressman calls on Justice Department to halt federal funding for Nation of Islam

LifeNews  --  Won't stop until 100% are shut down  --  40 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2018, 79% of All Abortion Clinics Open in 1991 Have Shut Down

TheWesternJournal  --  In 2013, Dem Senators Voted To Give $46 Billion To Secure Border, Build Barrier. 2006 Was Even Bigger

TheDailyCaller  --  Here Are The Obama-Era Officials Allegedly Behind The Alabama False Flag Campaign


HalTurnerRadioShow  --  Iran to Deploy Naval Fleet off U.S. Atlantic Coast

InfoWars  --  Globalists and unleashed Deep State forces threaten America’s very existence — Trump must act now!  --  Trump Prepares America For Declaration Of National Emergency

ZeroHedge  --  "The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Teases "Next Round Of Leaks"

ICALeaders  --  9 Ways The Spirit Of Jezebel Can Rule A Nation

AllNewsPipeline  --  Ladies, This Is Never, EVER, A Good Look - Masculine Feminists With Hairy Armpits And Legs Are Leading To 'Social Catastrophe' And The Collapse Of The Traditional Family

NaturalNews  --  It’s time: Trump should declare a national emergency, build the border wall, activate the military police and arrest the deep state traitors

AllNewsPipeline  --  US Navy Vet Admonishes Hollywood's Dumpster Of 'Has-Been Celebrities' And Their Progressive Socialist Agenda: 'It's Over - It's Time You Figured Out, Nobody Is Listening To You'

USGS  --  Note the "6's."  Does anyone thing these things are accidents?  --  M 6.6 - 151km WNW of Tobelo, Indonesia  2019-01-06 17:27:20 (UTC)  2.216°N 126.740°E  60.0 km depth

vate Sales

CBN  --  Ukrainian Orthodox Church Breaks Away From Russian Influence



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