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14 Aug 2018

YouTubeVideo  --  As a commenter posted, "Pretty Soon We(Christians) Will All Be Banned"  --  Bibles Banned In USA Homes

AllNewsPipeline  --  Persecution typically breeds increase  --  CNN's Creepy & Psychotic Obsession With Alex Jones - Openly Admits The Media Targeted Infowars For Destruction

JimBovard.Com --  Should Gun Owners Fear The Deep State?​

TheChristianJournal  --  Christian Persecution: Communist China Bans Baptisms and Forcibly Removes ‘Last Supper’ Artwork

SingularityHub.Com  --  TECH EXPERTS: We Shall Be Omniscient, As Gods, Knowing Everything

Isa 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 
Isa 14:13  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: 
Isa 14:14  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High

AllNewsPipeline  --  More Evidence The 'Invasion And Overthrow Of America' Is Being Orchestrated By Our Own, Corrupt Elite Who Have, In Effect, Declared War Upon Our Nation  --  If We Don’t Fight Back We Will Be Impoverished, Enslaved, And Exterminated

AllNewsPipeline  --  Media Spin Has Liberals Outraged Over Peter Strzok Being Fired By The FBI As President Trump Suggests Clinton Investigation Be 'Properly Redone'

ZeroHedge  --  Ron Paul: Is Trump Fighting His Own Administration?

13 Aug 2018

CanadaFreePress  --  Obama Admin Holdovers Perpetrating “Greatest Political Scandal In American History”

FrontPageMagazine  --  Father Of New Mexico Islamist Compound Leader Is Linda Sarsour's 'Mentor'  --  Training camp for child terrorists has chilling connection to top Democratic Party operative.

ChristianJournal  --  United Methodist Church of Minnesota Removes ‘Father’ From Apostles’ Creed  --  The UMC of Minnesota has removed the word 'Father' from the historic Apostle's Creed for worship services, sparking outrage from the broader Christian community. The removal is because UMC Minnesota wants to be more tolerant towards transgenderism.

LA"Slimes"  --  Under Trump, the rare act of denaturalizing U.S. citizens on the rise

Breitbart  --  Report: FBI Fires Peter Strzok

Breitbart  --  Someone needs to tell Sodomite/Sodomite loving John Kasich about Joshua 13-19  --  Kasich: People Supporting Family Separation at the Border Do Not Understand Religion

AboveTheLaw.COM  --  West Virginia Impeaches Entire State Supreme Court, Will Return To Trial By Combat During Changeover, Probably

TheHill  --  Ouch!  --  Trump accuses Kasich of 'tamping down' enthusiasm for 'otherwise great' Ohio candidate he endorsed

WND  --  Mega-Pastor Andy Stanley Accused of Heresy for Attack on Old Testament

NaturalNews  --  REAL.video founder thanks users for explosive growth in the face of extreme tech censorship

TheDailyWire  --  Trump Signs Massive Defense Bill: Biggest Pay Raise For Soldiers In Nine Years

12 Aug 2018

​Thecommonsenseshow  -- What the Globalists Cannot Hide Is Christian Genocide  --  What the Globalists Cannot Hide Is Christian Genocide  --  It's already happening here

TheCommunistClintonNewsNetwork  --  The "real" press along with President Trump needs to double down on the Enemedia Presstitutes in the Reality Impaired Media  --  More than 100 newspapers will publish editorials decrying Trump's anti-press rhetoric

NewsWithViews  --  Deep State Husbands

USAWatchdog  --  I was up late in the night and turned on Kolchak The Night Stalker from 1975.  It dealt with an AI type robot that went on a killing spree against all the scientists who built him  --  AI Wants to Identify, Vilify, Nullify & Destroy All Patriots – Steve Quayle

WhatDoesItMean  --  ***Most Powerful Special Counsel In America Sweeps Into Arkansas To Remove All Hillary Clinton Evidence And Move It To Washington***

Reason  --  Mom of Newborn Reported to State for Eating a Poppy Seed Bagel

Breitbart  --  Kavanaugh’s Former Clerks Push Back on Anti-Female Sentiment: All-Around Pro-Women

Constitution.com  --  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is God’s Gift to Conservatives

TheDailySignal  --  Underreported: What Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Meant for These Blue Collar Workers

ZeroHedge  --  Infowars Website Traffic Explodes After Silicon Valley Blacklists Alex Jones Empire

Breitbart  --  Border Patrol Chief: I Need More Agents, Technology, and Wall – Separating Families Is Tough, But There Have To Be Consequences

​ConservativeTribune​  --  Unlike Michelle, Melania’s Parents Proud of America, Officially Gain Citizenship  --  Legal Migration??

TheNationalSentinel  --  FED up with creeping socialism, conservatives in BIG push for constitutional convention

OnLineMinistries.Org  --  The "backstory" as to why the US Government is in no hurry to outlaw murdering innocent babies in mother's wombs.  Believe or don't believe Transhumanism and AI-Artificial Intelligence.  There are reasons out there that feed into murdering babies on mother's wombs is such a "political football" for politicians today  --  As it was in the Days of Noah? Matthew and Luke Scriptures Coming to Pass!

TheHalTurnerShow  --  Release Pastor Andrew Brudson or suffer the financial consequences. Thanking President Trump for standing in the gap and the Bible requirement for Interposition in the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.  --  ***TURKEY SUFFERING LIVE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE RIGHT NOW - LIRA FALLS TO $7.20 - CAPITAL CONTROLS BEGIN ***

11 Aug 2018

AllNewsPipeline  --  Why This Serial Liar, Perjurer And Leaker Of Classified Information Hasn't Yet Met The Noose And Scaffolding Is Proof Of A Deeply Corrupted System  --

America's Most Wanted: Profiles In Treason - James Clapper

Breitbart  --  Trump Threatens to ‘Get Involved’ to Force FBI Release of Andrew McCabe’s Text Messages

OneNewsNow  --  Slippery Slope Update Brought to You by the Gaystapo: National LGBT Bar Association Bullying Attorneys to Not Help Christians

​LifeNews  --  61% of Canadians Want Law Limiting Current Policy of Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth

TheEpochTimes  --  Feinstein’s Ties to China Extend Beyond Chinese Spy

RedState  --  DC Judge rules we have no borders

10 Aug 2018

​TheTelegraph  --The 666, Mark of the Beast System?  --  Homeless people wearing barcodes to accept cashless payments

​USAWatchDog  --  Mueller Probe Illegitimate, Internet Purge is Here, Journalism is Dead

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Are you a Boomer? This man calls you a senile, selfish parasite

MassPrivateIBlogspot  --  More Mark of the Beast info  --  MLB and NFL fans submit their faces and fingerprints to buy food, beer and tickets

GatewayPundit  --  Arkancided by the Klintonistas?  --  GOP Activist Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Lost Emails Found Dead — Apparent Suicide by Black Plastic Bag… BIG UPDATE!

Dave HodgesTheCommonSenseShow  --  Voice to Skull Technology Is Embedded in 5G-Mind Control Reaches Its Apex

ZeroHedge  --  Students Say 'Young Democratic Socialists Of America' Not Socialist Enough

TheDailySheeple  --  In the "Special Hot Place In Hell" Dept  --  Cop and State Attorney Jailed After Fellow Cops Caught them Raping a Baby and Filming It

AllNewsPipeline  --  America's Most Wanted, Profiles in Treason: John Brennan - This 'Stooge For Jihad' Should Be Facing The Gallows For Subverting President Trump In Deep State Plot To Overthrow America 

Breitbart  --  Protests Turn Violent After Argentina Votes to Keep Abortion Illegal

Breitbart  --  Donald Trump: American Prisoners Seeking Redemption Need Jobs to Reform

Breitbart  --  No Smucky!  It's part of your "Progressive Communist Fabric of American Life"  --  Schumer: Roe v. Wade Is Part of the ‘Fabric of American Life,’ Endangered by Kavanaugh

TheDailyWire  --  This SHOULD BE the Biggest Story of the Year, Media Avoiding it is the Epitome of Fake News

TheWashingtonTimes  --  Tea party groups get revenge against IRS as judge approves $3.5 million payout

CNSNews  --  98.4% of Tea Party Patriots Support Jim Jordan for House Speaker

9 Aug 2018

TheWashingtonExaminer  --  Christian group kicked off campus for requiring its leaders to be Christian

TruePundit  --  MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents

NTKNetwork  --  WHOA: Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Promises to Look Into Robert Mueller’s Role in Covering Up Saudi Arabia’s Role in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks While FBI Director: ‘I’m On It; I’ll Do It’

Gateway Pundit  --  Time for Mueller to start investigating the real "Russian Collusion" and the Progressive Enemedia Presstitutes behind it  --  Bruce Ohr Emails Show Links Among Obama DOJ, Steele, Simpson… And Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

AllNewsPipeline  --  Jeff Sessions Calls SPLC A 'Hate Group' - DOJ Targets Slanderous Southern Poverty Law Center For Using Hate Group Designation 'As A Weapon' Against Religious Groups

InfoWars  --  Video: Man Breaks Legs after Scaling Border Wall  --  Footage shows man drop from 30-foot height in California

AllNewsPipeline  --  As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America

Gateway Pundit  --  BOOM! GIULIANI: “This Case Isn’t Going to Fizzle, It’s Going to BLOW UP ON THEM! There’s a LOT MORE to What They Did That Nobody Knows About Yet! “

Axios  --  And Men Were Scorched With Great Heat, And Blasphemed The Name Of God, Which Had Power Over These Plagues' (Rev. 16:9): 2018’s Global Heat Wave Is So Pervasive It’s Surprising Scientists

WorldNetDaily  --  Holy war: Franklin Graham shreds 'vile' media  --  'I've never seen such hatred poured out against such a good man'
Christian Journal  --  Indiana Church Removed From Building For Anti-LGBT Church Sign

The Daily Sheeple  --  Americans Are Begging the Government and Corporations to End Free Speech

AllNewsPipeline  --  Monstrous Terror Plot Thwarted In Canada: Jihadists Had Enough Chemical Weapon To Kill Every Person In North America -- Why Isn't The Canadian Government Talking About This? 

Breitbart  --  As is typically the case, dead people vote Democrat  --  Expert: 170 Registered Voters in Ohio’s 12th District Listed as Over 116 Years Old

Faithwire  --  Husband Tells Story of Faith After Losing Wife to Breast Cancer: ‘God Is Still Good’

The Christian Post  --  IRS Recognizes 'Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft' for Lesbian Feminists as Church for Tax Purposes

Frontpage Magazine  --  Christian Persecution Around the World  --  And the silence from Pope Francis and other international elite

8 Aug 2018

Voice of Europe  --  African migrant who abused four boys in France says ‘it’s normal’ in his country to kiss a teenager’s genitals  --  Que in Weinstein, Slick Willie, BathHouse Barry Soetero and other Progressives

TeaParty.Org  --  Hillary Clinton State Dept Employee Charged With Producing Over 1,000 Pornographic Images Of Children, Possible Child Trafficking Ring

Natural News  --  The new brain-dead strategy of the political Left: Everything should be free… except for you

Charles Hugh Smith BlogSpot  --  Here's Why Rip-Roaring Inflation Is Inevitable

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show  --  Where They Burn Books, They Will Soon Burn People  --  The typical Communist/Progressive response to Dave Hodges:  

You and your kind are an absolute joke. You poor bastards in the alt right media deserve to go out of business. I am so happy that Alex Jones otherwise known as Bill Hicks is going out of business. Your sorry ass is next.   You are lucky that we don’t kill all of you and your families so you cannot reproduce your kind. Very soon you poor bastard you will have nowhere to go to spread your Christian BS. That will indeed be a good day when you are shipped off to a Fema camp……

All News Pipeline  --  As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America  
Breitbart News Network  --  Celebrities Trash Ohio Voters After Democrat Loss: ‘This Is an Embarrassment’

Breitbart News Network  --  Facebook Wants Your Bank Info, Corporations Push Financial Blacklist Gun Contro

The Daily Caller  --  FASCISTBOOK! Facebook Says White-Hating, Jew-Hating, America-Hating Black Supremacist Louis Farrakhan Does Not Spew ‘Hate Speech’

OneNewsNow  --  Coach appeals to SCOTUS over post-game prayer

7 Aug 2018

Scroll to bottom of article.  I watched lightening bolts flash all last night.  None of them looked like what started the Noland Fire  --  Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

Children in Belgium Are Being Legally Murdered by The Government

Democrats And ISIS Jihadis Keep Blabbering The Same Talking Points - ISIS Warns: 'We Will Make You Fear The Air You Breathe'  

5G is not your friend  --  Here's the FCC's plan speeding up 5G deployments and lowering their cost

Collusion from China?  --  REVEALED: CHINA Murdered or Imprisoned 20 CIA Operatives and Sources While Feinstein Had a Chinese Spy as Office Manager

Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct Influence And Supervision Of The Pentagon

Zero Transparency: 6 Questions that Tech Giants Refuse to Answer About the InfoWars Ban

It is the "Daily Beast"  --  Trump’s Allies Struggle to Stop QAnon’s Spread

A Sign of the Times? Pastor Greg Laurie Forced to Remove Billboards Featuring the Bible

Dear LeBron: Democrats, Not Trump, Ran Cities Like Akron Into The Ground  --  Add Cleveland, Chicago, Baltimore and the majority of other large, Progressive/Communist run cities

Marxist Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism … and the Bible

6 Aug 2018

17-year Clinton Foundation cover-up by James Comey, Lois Lerner, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller

Remember the close to 5k sealed indictments story below.  Some are now being unsealed  --  ***** BREAKING NEWS ****** OBAMA FORMALLY RETAINS LEGAL COUNSEL

****** Now 45,468 sealed Federal indictments 10/30/17-7/31/18: steadily increasing by ~5,000 per month ***

***First They Came For Infowars....... Tomorrow We Will All Be Alex Jones: Independent Media Silenced - They Are Coming For Us All Now***

Did DARPA Just Develop Autonomous Drones To Hunt Humans?

Laser Beams, California Fires and History of Environmental Weapons

As The World Burns, Are We Witnessing Geo-Engineered Genocide By Laser Fire?  --  More Evidence Weather Modification Programs Are Wreaking Havoc Upon The Planet

The Censorship Is Real – EndOfTheAmericanDream.com Is Being Completely Blocked By Library Internet Filters

CNN Intimidation Tactics Are A Media Pattern To Silence Americans Calling Them Out For Their 'Abusively Biased' Coverage

At least some of that 90% will be going in the Rapture of the Church  --  90% of You Will Not Be Here In Less Than Seven Years

REPORT: President Trump to Declassify June 2017 Carter Page FISA Renewal App Signed By Rod Rosenstein

CA is under attack because it shook its Commie/Progressive fist in the face of a Righteous and Holy God  --  Is ISIS Planning a Biological Attack on San Francisco?  The terrorist organization is calling on its followers to conduct these attacks against Europe, Russia, Australia, and the U.S.

Apple Kicked Alex Jones Off Its Platform Then YouTube And Facebook Rushed To Do The Same

'We Have to Regulate Every Aspect of People's Lives'

We always knew the Progressive left was full on fascist/Nazi  --  Leftists Cheer Apple Purging Alex Jones From iTunes For 'Hate Speech,' Demand More Censorship

Knife ban coming to the UK?  --  Britain 2018: Record Knife Crime Rates Straining NHS, Depleting Blood Supplies

5 Aug 2018

Former CIA Director John Brennan in First Wave of Indictments

Protesters are injured by projectiles and others are arrested as far-right and antifa groups clash at Portland rally

Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing  --  A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart. The police followed orders to do nothing.

***The United States Government Formally Recognizes the Genocide Against Christians, Liberal Media Silent***

Fatalities averted at Portland protests due to overwhelming presence of cool-headed patriots

Multiple Sources Indicate a Major Bio-Terror Attack Is Coming

Space object traveling Mach 74 explodes above U.S. air base, military silent  --  No warning was given before or after an earthbound object exploded over a U.S. air base

WhatDoesItMean.Com  --  Trump Taunts “Deep State” Daring Them To Assassinate Him As Historic US-Russia Alliance To Save World Gains Speed

The Democrats End Game For 2020 Include Mass Luciferian Sacrifice Of The Unborn And America Transformed Into A 3rd World Hell On Earth, Mired In Poverty

        It's not Trumps "chaos" you maroon.  You, as a "Never Trumper" own the chaos happening in America right now  --  Kasich: Trump’s ‘Chaos’ Is Turning off Suburban Women

        Moroon "news" from the "religion of peace."  Earth to Muslims, earth to Muslims.....Allah and Mohammed are fraudulent purveyors of Satan and Hell  --

FATAH: Mosque sermon calls on Allah to     slay non-Muslims 'one by one'

8/4      Report: Abortion Accounts for 61% of Black Deaths in America

8/3      Judicial Watch: FBI Records Show Dossier Author Deemed ‘Not Suitable For Use’ as Source, Show Several FBI Payments in 2016

8/3      In the "you can't make this stuff up department"  --  Dear Jim, of course the press is not the enemy of the people. Unbiased, honest, responsible journalism is a bulwark of free society.  Vain, narcissistic, biased blather is not journalism. You are, sir, are not a journalist, but you are the enema of the people.  --  LOL!!!

8/3      Ronald Reagan: ‘Socialism Only Works in Two Places: Heaven, Where They Don’t Need It, and Hell, Where They Already Have It’  --  The Socialism Debate: Ronald Reagan Wins  

8/3      Special Bible New VA Sec. Insisted on Using for Swearing-In Shows He’s Right Man for the Job

8/3      According to former Tucson, Arizona police officer and current motivational speaker and #MAGA supporter Brandon Tatum in the 2nd video below, the new movie coming out nationwide today by Dinesh D'Souza, "Death Of A Nation", is the greatest movie he's ever seen and as a black man who is a Conservative, he is challenging Democrats still living on the Democratic plantation to watch it and still say that they hate President Donald Trump afterwards.  --  Should The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Succeed In Taking Down President Trump In Their Drive To Take Down America, There May Be Nothing That Can Stop The Chaos That Follows

8/3      ***QAnon is terrifying. This is why.***  -- *** Now 45,468 sealed Federal indictments 10/30/17-7/31/18: steadily increasing by ~5,000 per month ***

8/3      More TURD-Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Derangement and TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome responses to MAGA  --  Triggered By A Trump Bumper Sticker, Deranged Woman Rams Her Car Into Another - Dangerous Liberals & Their 'Hate Movement' Against MAGA Supporters Hits Staggering Heights

8/3     President Trump continuing to MAGA by "draining the swamp"  --  Trump Is Taking Down a Major Revenue Stream of the Deep State Without the Help of the Sessions and Rosenstein

8/3      The Origins of Our Second Civil War: Obama weaponized the IRS, the FBI, the NSC, the CIA, and the State Department and redefined the deep state as if it were the Congress, but with the ability to make and enforce laws all at once. 

8/3      Rep. Gohmert: Hate Crime Laws Will Be ‘Used to Persecute Christians'

8/3      Chase ATMs go CARDLESS: Customers will now be able to use their smartphones to withdraw cash at the bank's 16,000 machines across the US

8/3      Watch a Progressive do something really Progressive in Yellowstone NP  --  Idiot is caught on camera pounding his chest and taunting a bison which then charges him at Yellowstone National Park

8/2      Donate to Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) Campaign for California Attorney General

8/2      Doesn't murdered babies in mother's wombs equate to zero rights?  --  Planned Parenthood CEO: “We Cannot Allow Our Children to Have Fewer Rights”      

8/2      Lisa Haven News  --  Many other conservative news outlets are posting articles about something major happening in Portland, Oregon on Sat. 8/4  --  America About To Suffer a Fatal Blow—These Facts Prove a “Hitlarian Conquest” Has Arrived…


8/2      Sheriff: Radio Host Art Bell Died of Prescription Overdose

8/2      Pastor Predicts Donald Trump Will Be ‘The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime’

8/2      The United States Is The Largest Prison Camp In The World

8/2      Family Begs for Answers After Veteran Dies in Police Custody—Claim His Organs are Missing

8/2      ​Reporters, Celebs Call Trump Supporters ‘Nazis,’ ‘KKK,’ Want Them ‘Euthanized’ After Tampa Rally

8/2      Trump’s Prime Directive: Save the American Culture From the Maoist Forces Which Are Imposing Their Communist Will On America

8/2      Christian Doctor Under Investigation For Retweeting Tweets that Oppose ‘Transgender Theory’



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