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14781 Sperry Rd. 

Newbury, Oh 44065

Phone   440-338-1367 (Doers of the Word)

Phone and Answering Machine/Fax 440.338.1036 (Geauga County Right to Life)

Praise and worship starts at 9am on Sunday.

Bible Study starts at 9:30am 

The morning service starts at 11:30am  

Evening service starts at 6pm 

(Videos may be show at 5pm)

​​​​Doers of the Word Baptist Church

162 South High Street

Cortland, Oh 44410

Services are on Saturday starting at 6pm with Praise and Prayer  

(Some Saturdays we start with a video at 5pm)



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     Matt Lynch 

     Candidate for

     11th District Court of Appeals



4/24  Obama Justice Dept.’s attempts to influence investigations exposed in McCabe probe

4/24  Strange Bedfellows? Why Facebook Is Teaming Up with Churches to Build Community  --  This pastor or any pastor marrying their "church" with Facebook needs to be kicked to the curb

4/24  Guy Does THIS To His Yeti Cooler!  -- For those not knowing, Yeti, who makes high end expedition coolers/ice chests and other items (mostly made in China) has pulled their support for the NRA.  Hopefully, this Patriotic NRA supported used an AR-15 to dispatch the "enemy."

4/23  Chaplain Scott Squires  First  Liberty defends chaplain who complied with Army rules but faces reprimand for adhering to his religious beliefs.

4/23  ***Brave.com -- Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers that violate your privacy and cost you time and money.​***

4/23  Devin Nunes Drops Another Bomb, and It’s a Big One

4/23  THIS IS STUNNING=> Crooked Hillary Praises Efforts to Crackdown on Conservative Online Outlets

4/23  Only Pictures the Deranged Prog-Left Want You To See Go Viral​  --  My "problem" here is @FLOTUS posing with "swamp critters."

4/23  Top 100 Conservative Websites in April 2018

4/23  Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a 'sovereign citizen,' part of anti-government group

4/23  Fusion GPS Founders: ‘Put Aside Russia Collusion’

4/23  Is This Proof School Shooters Are Being 'Programmed' By The Luciferian Elite? Fusion Center's Release Of 'Remote Mind Control' Documents Goes Way Beyond MKUltra 

4/23  Rep. Gosar Stares Down the Criminal Deep State and the Plot to Destroy America

4/22  Embarrassing: Pro-Abortion Writer Steps On A Rake Trying To Checkmate Pro-lifers--This is what happens when Progressive, Fabian Socialist/Weaponized Snowflake, Pro-Death Soldiers "attempt" to use Common Sense.  Trying to make a Chicken  and Egg analogy with a baby in the womb is just plain dumb.  As a few Tweeters pointed out, the eggs we get are not fertilized.

4/22  #SexEdSitOut: Parents Say, ‘Enough’ to Planned Parenthood’s ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed

4/22  China Aid: President Xi Jinping Views Christian Churches as ‘Severe National Security Threat’

4/22  California Making It Illegal to be a Christian Under Proposed Unconstitutional Bill- Solzhenitsyn Warning to the US

4/21  Deep State Dominoes Start To Fall As Investigations, Criminal Referrals & Comey Memos Open Up A Huge Can Of Worms

4/21  7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War

4/20  We Shouldn't Be Surprised that Southwest's Hero Pilot Is a Christian

4/20  ‘The Death of the Innocent’: Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Abortion is Defunded Wins BIG in Court

4/20  23 Years Later: The Oklahoma City Bombing Story You Were Never Told About

4/20  Levin: Trump can’t lawfully be the target of a criminal investigation---Why is no one else making this point?

4/20  You have been warned: The civil war begins when Hillary Clinton gets indicted

4/20  FDA quietly bans powerful life-saving intravenous Vitamin C

4/20  Were faith leaders invited under false pretenses?   Some of the evangelical leaders invited to a meeting near Chicago this week reportedly headed for the exits when it became clear that "Trump-bashing" was on the agenda.

4/20  Comey Memo: Pressure From CNN Prompted Dossier Briefing

4/20  Ohio Conservative Mary Taylor: ‘The Establishment in Columbus Getting Really Nervous’ as Momentum Swings Against Mike DeWine

4/20  Black Conservatives Under Attack By Liberals For Daring To 'Wander Off Their Plantation' - The Level Of Viciousness Is Unprecedented


Pastor Ernie Seated--From Right To Left--Deacon Ken, Pastor Tom Razum(Gone Home To Be With The Lord)​, Pastor Bruce, Pastor Dale and Pastor Fred



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