​​​​​​​​​​​OhioChristianAlliance   --  Petition to support the Covington Catholic High School Students


Guns&Gadgets  --  10:02 minute YouTube video on pending firearm legislation in the US House this next week  --  MAJOR Gun Control Bills Move To House Floor For A Vote  --  H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 are moving to the House of Representatives floor for a vote this week!!!

TheNewAmerican  --  FDA Boss to States: Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions, or Else

StrangeSounds  --  YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-Vax Channels

SurvivalDan101  --  Smartphones can still be tracked even if location services and GPS are turned off, according to Princeton University researchers  --  10 Ways to Avoid the Authorities and Escape Martial Law

RayGano  --  Still, I wouldn't discount the Zombies in the mix  --  Society Breaks Down – Wolves ,Sheep and Sheepdogs


TonyPerkinsWashingtonUpdate  --  The Born Ultimatum  --  In four days, the U.S. Senate will take one of the most defining votes in its 230-year history. One hundred men and women, from different backgrounds and parties, will decide America's stand with the innocent or with infanticide 

GoldSwitzerland  --  6,250 YEAR OLD BULL STILL GOING STRONG:Is a total collapse of the financial system next or will we see the globalists taking control of the world? Either way, the world is now at one of the most critical crossroads ever in history  

InfoWars  --  Federal government set to override state laws, force vaccines amid MSM-fueled measles hype  -- FDA Threatens to Enforce Mandatory Vaccination Laws Countrywide

Newsweborder  --  The Devil in the Machine: one in 10 computers in America now houses some type of evil spirit

SheliaMedia  --  Bombshell Drop! French Amendment Aims to Outlaw Traditional Parenthood! Schools will be replacing ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ with ‘Parent 1’ and ‘Parent 2’ on all official documents! 

AllNewsPipeline  --  With Things This Bad Already, What Happens When TEOTWAWKI Really Arrives?  --  Here Comes 'The Plague': This Is Part Of The Globalists Plan To 'Cull' Us All - Sickening Video Shows American Cities Descending Into Shambles  

NowTheEndBegins  --  A locust outbreak in Sudan and Eritrea is spreading rapidly along both sides of the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said. Periods of rain along the Red Sea coastal plains in Eritrea and Sudan have allowed two generations of breeding since October, leading to a substantial increase in locust populations and the formation of highly mobile swarms  --  United Nations Warns That Billions Of Locusts Now Gathering On Both Sides Of The Red Sea Preparing To Swarm Egypt And Saudi Arabia

Breitbart  --  Senate to Vote on Bill to Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion from Infanticide

FOXNews  --  Couple sues Planned Parenthood for child support after failed abortion

CNSNews  --  Planned Parenthood Head: ‘Being Pro-Choice Is Being…Pro-Family;’ ‘It’s Being Pro-Life’


NewsWithViews  --   Coach Dave Daubenmire Live  --  This Is It. Let’s End Abortion  --  The entire abortion debate has been built on foundation of lies that can no longer withstand the light of truth. EVERYTHING that keeps abortion available is a lie. EVERYTHING. To wit: 

ShepherdsHeart  --   Psalm 18:  A Call of War  --  Songs of the Thunderbolt: A Call of War

ChristianHeadlines  --  For What Robot Did Jesus Die?  --  Robots may be great tools, but they are no substitute for humanity, no substitute for God, and no substitute for love

SkyWatchTV  --  SHOCKING NEW ONLINE SERIES To Probe Trump Administration, Rabbis, And Top-Secret Plan To Build Third Temple

Oathkeepers  --  Call to Action: March 2 – Human Wall of Patriots on Border to Support Trump’s Emergency Declaration  --  This is a call to action issued by Oath Keepers, but Bikers for Trump has also joined in with their full support, and they are now a co-sponsor of this event 

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  -- Deep State/False Flag Operation?  --  The Real Story Behind the Fake Smollette Attack Is Not Being Told  --  I have been told by another source that this Smollette plot originated within a government agency. I cannot confirm that, but I know that there is federal complicity on an individual level 

TheChristianPost  --  Jesus was a 'sorcerer,' Bible a 'book of magic,' say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention

TheDailySheeple  --  The independent media just saved America from a bloody race war (that the mainstream media was trying to start)

AllNewsPipeline  --  Whining Wapo Feminist Decries 'Sexism' Over 'Equal' Type Of Reporting Of Females As Males - Suck It Up Buttercup:  We Will NOT Hold Back Because They Are Women!

​CNSNews  --  Unless, of course that "border" is innocent babies in mother's wombs.  The womb is a border  --  Baby-Killing Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand: We Are a Country ‘That Believes in The Golden Rule, That Cares About The Least Among Us’

NationalReview  --  Thanks to Jussie Smollitt, "Believe the Victim" is dead in the water  --  ‘Why Would Jussie Smollett Do This?’ They Cried

FOXNewsInsider  --  'This Is a Human Being, They Have Rights': MS Governor to Sign Pro-Life 'Heartbeat Bill'


ShepherdsHeartLife  --  Have you ever wondered why certain prophecies are sealed until the End Days?  Are you curious about what clues that the Lord has provided for us encoded within the Bible on the Seven Thunders?  Are you getting overwhelmed with knowledge?  When will it be the End?  --  Mysterious Thunder of God: Calculating the End

NaturalNews  --  The delusional dream world of liberals is filled with FAKE hate crime hoaxes… that they desperately wish were real (to give their lives meaning)

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  The Democratic Blueprint for the Destruction of America-Many Won’t Be Around for the Last Chapter

AmmoLand  --  Idaho Senate Opens Door to Gun Confiscation Orders with SJR101 Vote ~ VIDEO

Breitbart  --  Tucson Sector Border Patrol officials say that Mexican cartels continue to exploit outdated border barriers in Arizona to move their human cargo  --  Mexican Cartels Are Exploiting Outdated Border Barriers in Arizona, Say Feds

TheHill  --  FDA chief says feds might intervene if states continue allowing vaccine exemptions

Breitbart  --  Hayward: If Smollett Isn’t Charged with a Hate Crime, No One Should Be

WorldNetDaily  --  The U.S. Supreme Court, without comment, has refused to take up a case launched by the abortion industry against Catholic bishops in Texas, leaving standing a lower court decision that told the abortionists to leave the religious leaders alone.  The abortionists had sued over a Texas law requiring burial or cremation for the bodies of aborted children  --  Supremes tell abortionists 

Lifezette  --  Snowflakes Melting Over Decades-Old John Wayne Interview

AndWeKnow  --  24:34 minute YouTube video  --  It is thought the next thing to happen on March 20-21 is, President Trump taking back the US currency from the Fed and putting the USA on gold backed US currency  --  SerialBrain2: Trump’s msg from the battlefield: I took our money back. Next move coming

DustinMemos2  --  13:04 minute YouTube video  --  How to Block Smart Meters, Wifi, And 5g - At least in your Home - fixed


DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  The Evidence Anthony Weiner’s Emails Hold Against Clinton Makes Him a 'Dead Man Walking  --  'On Top of Child-Sex-Trafficking We Have Treason-80 Democratic Congressmen who have Muslim Brotherhood ties, identified by Trevor Loudens work. 

AllNewsPipeline  --   This Is What The MSM Will Never Tell Us About 'Zombie Deer'  --  Chronic Wasting Disease Is A Time Bomb For Agriculture Just Waiting To Explode 

TrueConservativePundit  --  Government Run Socialized Medicine – Only an Idiot Would Support This Disaster and This is Why

TheNationalSentinel  --  Reagan staffer says Trump picking more ‘philosophically conservative’ federal judges than the Gipper

AmGreatness  --  Autopsy of a Dead Coup

BeforeIt'sNews  --  Urgent! Can't Make This Stuff Up! Please Wake up People! Show Your Friends and Family


TheGatewayPundit  --  ANDREW McCABE CAUGHT LYING UNDER OATH  --   And He Admits It in “60 Minutes” Interview! [Why Isn’t His House Being Raided With 29 Heavily-Armed Federal Goons Like Roger Stone’s?]

EpicEconomist  --  10:55 minute YouTube Video  --  Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes

TheNewAmerican  --  U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners

SheliaMedia  --  The California State Board of Education is considering adopting mandatory student instruction in a radical sex and gender curriculum, under...  --  MANDATORY Radical SEX Curriculum of Demons For Students and Toddler

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Why Would the Government Grant Themselves The Authority to Enslave, If They Were Not Going to Act On This?  --  Humanity Is Fighting for the Right to Exist and There Is No Place to Run and Hide

NowTheEndBegins  --  Barna Group Shock Poll Reveals That 47% Of All Christian Millennials Believe That Witnessing The Gospel And Evangelizing Is Wrong

TheNationalSentinel  --  Trump accuses Sessions, Rosenstein, and McCabe of ‘illegal and treasonous’ plot to overthrow him


AllNewsPipeline  --  The Enemedia Presstitutes at PMSNBCNN are so desperate to skew the narrative against President Trump, they pile on fake news story after fake news story hoping to see something that sticks  --  Attacks Against 'Deplorables' Implode In Spectacular Fashion - Long List Of Fake Hate Hoaxes Appears To Grow As Empire Star Hires Criminal Defense Attorney

IsraelIslam&EndTimes  --  If your desire is to find out how much of the Church of Jesus Christ is "woke," bring it on  --  If you listen to the cries of the Copts of Egypt, the Christians of Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and all the other Muslim countries, you will hear the descriptions of the horrors of Islam  --  Brutal Warning to America From Egyptian Woman: Wake Up or Be Wiped Out

USAWatchDog  --  Story accompanied with an hour and 15 minute video interview with Dave Janda  --  Deep State Goal, MAGA Abandon Trump – Dave Janda

InfoWars  --  It’s Really Happening: Nasty Nazi Nancy Pelosi Threatens Gun Confiscation Amid National Emergency

Finance.Yahoo  --  Run, don't walk to the nearest exit of your RC "church."  It has been reported that 90% of the RC priests and nuns are Sodomites/Homosexuals.  A significant portion of those are involved in child and human trafficking.  The over 900,000 Illegal DemonRat invaders that voted in the 2018 general election was primarily do to the open borders agenda of the Vatican.  It appears not enough Catholics are returning to that "church," so we need Catholic, Illegal DemonRat voters in America to achieve the NWO/Antichrist/One World Government with it's False Prophet, the One World Church  --  Vatican ex-doctrine chief pens manifesto amid pope criticism

HartsburgNews  --  UNITED NATIONS Continues Push For All Nations To Gather Against Israel (See Zech 14:2), Prep For Antichrist’s Arrival—Disavow History, Jewish Ties To Jerusalem, Temple Mount  --  148 nations disavow Jewish ties to Jerusalem, Temple Mount

PawCreek  --  2 Co 2:11  Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices  --  Or make gain of us and make us of every advantage to circumvent and deceive persons by trading with them.  He sometimes transforms himself into an angel of light, and under pretense of showing a just indignation against sin, and keeping up a strict and righteous discipline, destroys souls, ruins churches, and brings religion into contempt  --  The World is Captive to Wickedness


ThePolitico  --  I still have a sliver of an uneasy feeling over President Trump and some of his family.  Along the lines that this whole situation with Trump is not what his "base" thought he was/is.  Time will tell  --  Jared Kushner To Begin Pushing Mideast “Peace Plan” (Connected With Dan 9:27; 1 Thess 5:3; Dan 8:25?)

TheGatewayPundit  --  FINANCIAL TYRANNY-> Chase Bank Shuts Down Personal Account of Vocal Trump-Supporting US Army Combat Vet


TheGoldenReport  --  They Were Sacrificing Babies, Then and Now

GeoengineeringWatch  --  My last check in with the Mammoth Mt Ski Resort in CA indicated 508" of snow for the winter season.  And still, CA has a water crisis  --  Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash

SurvivalDan101  --  Natural antibiotics to stockpile now: 13 herbs and foods that kill superbugs

GovernmentSlaves  --  Got to at least give the Progressive, DemonRat Libtards credit.  The stick together like their life depends on it.  And, it probably does  --  Why are Democrats NEVER indicted? “Justice” has become a twisted contradiction of truth

TheDailyMail.Co.UK  --  Payless Shoe Source to shutter all of its remaining 2,100 US stores but plans to still keep its 1,400 in Latin America open  --  MAIN STREET IS DEAD ,THE MIDDLE CLASS NO LONGER EXISTS AND AMERICA IS FLOODED WITH IMMIGRANTS -SEE THE PICTURE? 

PaulCraigRoberts  --  "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order"  --  Is It Too Late for Nonviolent Means to Restore American Liberty?

GunsInTheNews  --  LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL CREATES REPUBLICAN CONTRACTORS BLACKLIST  --  In a unanimous decision, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance that requires companies who do work with the city to disclose if they have any ties to the NRA 

Bible.Org  --  G_d does indeed give you the government you deserve.  Pro Illegal DemonRat invaders. Worshipping brain suction Infanticide.  Corrupt, Sodomite worshipping, murderous, lying on all levels of government, to name a few  --  When Government is God's Judgment (Judges 8:33-9:21)

NowTheEndBegins  --  Laodicean/Apostate "church" Alert  -- This year, the Phoenix campus of Hillsong church hosted the apostate Alpha Conference — an ecumenical, emergent conference that seeks to unify all the various faiths under one umbrella — and it isn’t Biblical truth. According to the conference website, the event being hosted at Hillsong is featuring Mike Schmitz is a Catholic priest, author, and speaker in the Diocese of Duluth, MN who is ” the author of the Belonging study program and is the primary personality in Ascension Presents, weekly YouTube videos offering Catholic perspectives of cultural and societal issues  --  Hillsong Church Affirms Full Pro-LGBTQ Position As They Hold Their One World Religion Alpha Conference Featuring A Roman Catholic Mass

SonsOfLibertyMedia  --  Americans that Tolerate Corrupt Politicians to Sow Seeds-The Nation Will Reap

NowTheEndBegins  --  Is there such a thing as "Digibabies?"  Are they protected in the womb?  --  Digisexuals In The UK Are Calling For Sex With Robots To Now Be Protected Under The United Nations Human Rights Act Of 1998


DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  A Country That Won’t Hesitate to Murder Babies, Will Not Hesitate to Take Everything You Own and Murder You

TheEconomicCollapseBlog  --  “Biggest Drop In More Than Nine Years”: America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Greatly Accelerating In The Early Stages Of 2019

ExpressCoUK  --  A BIBLICAL prophecy could be fulfilled after geologists discovered a sign along a famous mountain range described in the Bible as being integral to the story of Jesus Christ's second coming​;

Zec 14:3  Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. 
Zec 14:4  And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south

Bible PROOF? How geologists discovered 'sign of Jesus Christ's second coming'

NewsWars  --  Nationalist plan includes loans, tax cuts to grow families  --  Tucker Carlson Praises Hungary’s Pro-Family Agenda

MirrorCoUK  --  Elephant pelted with stones by locals after herd refuses to leave spot where calf died  --  Steve Quayle Comments; THE ELEPHANTS ARE MORE LOYAL TO THEIR YOUNG AND DEAD MEMBERS THAN HUMANS ARE TO OUR BUTCHERED, CANNIBALIZED AND MURDERED CHILDREN! 

AllNewsPipeline  --  With the internet, it won't "disappear."  The very reason why Progressive, DemonRat Liberals want the internet controlled by them and their Deep State Operatives in the Enemedia Presstitute PMSNBCNN, along with the rest of the Reality Impaired Media whores  --  Break Down Of Media Fake News Covington Catholic Student Narrative Is Complete, And The MSM Wants Their Humiliating Failure To Just Disappear

AllNewsPipeline  --  Americans Are Increasingly Endangered By The Creeping 'Islamification' Of The US Government And The Never-Ending Lies Of The Progressive Socialists Within It - Terrorist Sympathizer's Slowly But Steadily Pushing America Towards Sharia Law 

TheIsraelWire  --  Liberals fume as President Trump endorses efforts by legislators in several states to allow public schools to offer Bible classes  --  Steve Quayle Comments-WHY IF JESUS ISN'T REAL DO THE LIBS HATE HIM SO MUCH AND WHY DOES 'THE BIBLE' SCARE THEM? 

EpochTimes  --  Trump Declares National Emergency to Fund Border Wall

Brietbart  --  Fitton: The Continuing Scandal at the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Office

ThePoliticalInsider  --  Cuomo blames Trump, then Florida for the NYState financial woes.  Amazon blames AOC for the political climate the Progressive DemonRats created in NY.  It is always a wonderful thing to see the DemonRats shoot themselves in their collective foot  --  Amazon Spokesperson Blames Ocasio-Cortez for NYC Retreat

TheChristianPost  --  Tim Tebow, Miss Universe Demi Nel-Peters saving sex for wedding night

StevenBancarz  --  7:28 minute YouTube video  -- 

Act 19:19  Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver

Gal 5:20  Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 
Gal 5:21
  Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. 

--  Occult Objects In Your House Give Demons Legal Ground

BeforeItsNews  --  Now That Trump Has Declared A National Emergency, Here Is What Happens Next


TheGatewayPundit  --  BREAKING: COURT DOCUMENTS REVEAL Special Counsel’s Office Illegally Leaked Stone Indictment To CNN

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Mueller Has Replaced Clinton As America’s #1 Threat-Can FEMA Camps Be Far Behind?

NewsWithViews  --  Just How Crazy Is Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal?  --  But for the American people, the choice is clear and simple. Either put the Democrat Party out of business once and for all, or live with the threat of waking up some morning in Venezuela North 

EndOfTheAmericanDream  --  Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes

TheActivistPost  --  Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens

TheDailyMail  --  Drinking just two cans of sugar-free diet drinks a day increases your chance of heart attack or stroke by a THIRD  --  Steve Quayle Comments;  HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED EXTREMELY FAT PEOPLE SEEM TO CRAVE DIET SOFT DRINKS, ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE EXCITO TOXINS,  HIT PLEASURE CENTER 

TheDailyMail  --  Veins, skin creases, scars, tattoos and pigmentation are used as key biometrics  --  Criminals will soon be caught using just pictures of their HANDS as scientists develop database to identify a person by their veins, creases, scars, tattoos and pigmentation

NowTheEndBegins  --  The United States will put forward a Middle East peace plan after an Israeli general election on April 9, Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, told officials at a Middle East conference on Thursday. Ministers who took part in a closed-door session with Kushner at the conference in Warsaw said he told them that Israelis and Palestinians would each have to compromise  --  Jared Kushner Will Present His Mysterious Middle East Peace Plan For Israel And Palestine During Passover After Israel’s April Elections

Breitbart  --  Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Policy Delivers Record Wage Increases to ‘Job Switchers’

TheAmericanThinker  --  Gaystapo Butthurt that a DEMONRAT NYC Councilman Pointed Out That ‘The City Council is Controlled by the Homosexual Community’

TheWashingtonFreeBeacon  --  Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Democrats’ Desire to Murder Born Babies

BeforeItsNews  --  Wow! The American People Have Never Seen Senior FBI Officials Admit to Treason During Prime Time TV!


TheDailyMail  --  ‘Make El Chapo pay for the wall': Ted Cruz urges Senate to pass bill so that convicted Mexican drugs baron’s $14billion in ill-gotten gains can be used to finance border security

TheWashingtonPundit  --  Klanned Butcherhood Kept Babies Alive in order to Harvest Brain & Heart

NowTheEndBegins  --  As Both The Senate And Robert Mueller ‘Russian Collusion’ Probes Come Up Empty, Can We Start The Crooked Hillary Investigation Now?

AllNewsPipeline  --  Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dead Or Alive? It Appears A Huge Deep State Cover Up Is Going On - Americans Demand 'Proof Of Life' 

Breitbart  --  Devin Nunes: ‘Many’ People Will Be Criminally Referred to DOJ After William Barr Confirmed

ReformationCharlotte  --  The Anti-Gospel Coalition Says We Must ‘Earn the Right’ to Share the Gospel

GavinMcInnis  --  9:02 minute YouTube Video  --  TEACHING TRANS AWARENESS TO KIDS

AllNewsPipeline  --  If I could give a Progressive, DemonRat an A for effort and not feel dirty about it, I might.  But, in reality, I would so I can't  -- Brutal News For The Mainstream Media Amid The Unraveling Of The Story About Actor Jussie Smollett Being Attacked By 'MAGA' Supporters

Breitbart  --  Roger Stone Files Motion to Force Mueller to Prove He Didn’t Leak to CNN

TheDailyCaller  --  I was a vegetarian for a dozen years in the 80's and 90's.  However, I never believed that carnivores were wrong.  My vegetarian lifestyle was health related.  Of course, I was 30 some years younger and could do things this old man can't do today.  I do however have great memories of what I did do back in the day.  The government has no business in your life to the extent they legislate what you eat  --  Vegan Cory Booker Says Meat Eaters’ Days Are Numbered

TheFederalist  --  New data shows support for "Medicare for All" fell as 2020 presidential candidates touted their single-payer health care proposals in January and February  --  Voter Support Of ‘Medicare For All’ Drops By Nearly 50 Percent


RussianFaith  --  Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America-Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?  --  Christians researched the history of the LGBT movement in other countries, finding that legalization is always followed by the government-sponsored persecution of Christians 

ActivistPost  --  Unprecedented Gun Confiscation Hits US as Thousands Of Guns Seized from Innocent Citizens

NaturalNews  --  BOMBSHELL: Apple demands Natural News stop writing about abortions or Satanism; threatens to block Natural News app from all Apple devices

NaturalNews  --  Boycott these 60 companies that donate money to fund the systematic murder of unborn human babies

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Read President Trump and his military support goes on the offensive against Deep State/Shadow Government operatives in LA  --  The Two Reasons Behind the Recent Military Activity in LA

PaulCraigRoberts  --  What Trump Is Trying To Save Americans From

TheAmericanThinker  --  The DemonRats: The Party of Kremlin Dreamers

SheilaMedia  --  Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will spend $30 million over the next five years to push Sodomy and gender identity…  --  Global LGBTQ2 and Abortion Colonization: Trudeau Liberals Pledge $Millions to Push Homosexuality and Abortion Worldwide

AmGreatness  --  Are more women in the workplace; in the military a symptom of something or a cure?  --  Not ‘All Americans’ Are ‘Proud That We Have More Women in the Workforce Than Ever Before’

Programming Announcement for tonight's WRWL program  --  Barring any signal interference by the Fed or the Deep State, Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben from The American Intelligence Media will be discussing with Pastor Ernie and XX, Mueller’s conflict of interest with Hillary bigger than we knew!!  The supporting documentation at Aim For Truth. Org


TheOrganicPrepper  --  Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search History

ZeroHedge  --  NJ Voters Furious As Governor Murphy Prepares To Sign 'Rain Tax' Into Law

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Exposing the Democratic Party Inspired Communist Takeover of America Complete with FEMA Camps and Genocide

NewsWebOrder  --  The Threat Of Bio War Is Increasing – The Global Elite Have Had A Plan To Kill Off A Significant Portion Of The Worlds Population And Take Complete Control Of The Resources And People

AllNewsPipeline  --  Remember! To The Left, Gun Owners And Christians Are All Mentally Ill!  --  With The Left Utterly Obsessed With Their Dark Ritual Of Child Sacrifice, How Long Until They Embrace Euthanization On Demand For The 'Mentally Ill'?

NowRheEndBegins  --  Vatican Officially Releases Chrislam Logo For Pope Francis Upcoming ‘Servant Of Hope’ Tour To The Muslim Nation OF Morocco

FreeBeacon  --  O'Rourke's boarding school yearbook contains pictures of Confederate flag  --  Beto Was ‘Robert O’Rourke’ in High School, Won Award for ‘Imaginative Poetry’



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