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DaveHodgesTheCommonSenseShow  --  The Trump Wall Has Turned Into the Globalist Trojan Horse- Why Trump Cannot Win In 2020 (Pt 2)

AllNewsPipeline  --  I have been noticing for months now, all the bare spots and minimum products on the shelves of my local grocery store.  There has already been shortages of certain things  --  Now They Warn America's Breadbasket Under Water Could Be 'The New Normal'  --  With America's Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket, Are Catastrophic Floods In Midwest 'A Sign From God' Or Globalists Weather Warfare Upon America?

NowTheEndBegins  --  “The IDF has began attacking terrorist targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization across the Gaza Strip. More details to come,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. The IDF retaliation is expected to be strong and could last for several hours. One position hit was a Hamas naval position west of Gaza City, and a another was a large Hamas training camp in northern Gaza, Palestinian security officials and Hamas media outlets said. Both positions were likely to have been evacuated, as Hamas had hours of notice that Israeli strikes were coming  -- JUDGMENT DAY: IDF Begins Massive Airstrikes Throughout Gaza Strip In Response To Hamas Rocket Terror Attack From This Morning

​BeforeItsNews  --  Part 2 - Could This Person Be the Antichrist?


DCDailyLaundry  --  Government Warns Of Historic, Widespread Flooding “Through May” – Food Prices To Skyrocket As 1000s Of Farms Are Destroyed

WeaselZippers  --  Judicial Watch Uncovers 756 Pages Of New Hillary Emails That She Tried To Destroy, Several Were Classified

IneffableIsland  --  Changes in Ocean 'Conveyor Belt' Foretold Abrupt Climate Changes by Four Centuries

TheWeatherChannel  --  Geoengineering!?!  --  More Historic, Widespread Flooding Expected This Spring in Central U.S., NOAA Says

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  How the Deep State operatives in concert with Enemedia Presstitutes at PMSNBCNN don't want the truth about the New Zealand attacks to get out  --  FOTM under massive bot attacks, again

EyeOpeningTruth  --  It started from "church" pulpits populated with "soy boy," milquetoast prissy preachers, called by their mommy with "anal retentive" issues  --  What is Happening to White Males in America?

TheWashingtonStandard  --  ****MONSTERS: British Government Rules Christianity Is Not a Religion of Peace, Refuses Convert Asylum****

AllNewsPipeline  --  Liberal Snowflakes Melt When Learning Mueller Indicts No One For Collusion With Russia  --  Mueller Report Proves Collusion Between MSM, Dem Politicians And Former Obama Intel Officials, To Push Fake News 

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Why Trump Will Not Win the 2020 Election (Part 1)

​AllNewsPipeline  --  We Will Not Allow The Fully Radicalized Left To Complete Their Destruction Of America  --  The Radical Socialists Agenda To Bludgeon 'White Men' And 'Conservative America' Into Submission Has Blown Up In Their Own Faces  
TheOrganicPrepper  --  Social Media, Universal Basic Income, and Cashless Society: How China’s Social Credit System Is Coming To America


TheDailyMailCo.UK  --  Skid Road: How California's army of homeless has turned the state's richest boulevards into RV parks as exorbitant rents force families and full-time workers to live on four wheels

EndOfTheAmericanDream  --  18 Statistics That Prove That America Has Become An “Idiocracy”

TheGatewayPundit  --  WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says President Trump Should Pardon Roger Stone, ‘Let’s Hope it Comes Very Soon’

​DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  The State of Michigan Is Compiling a Pre-Genocidal “Enemies of the State” List-Are You On It?

StrangeSounds  --  It is very odd but not going to loose any sleep or shed  a tear over the Progressive, DemonRat infested "left coast" burning down  --  It’s not even April and Washington already had 50 brush fires

AllNewsPipeline  --  It's Time To Replace America's 'Socialist Indoctrination Centers' That The Left Calls 'Universities' Because 'As Is', America's Education System Is Broken Beyond Repair 

NowTheEndBegins  --  Demon possession is on the increase.  More proof!  --  “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has," Barbra Streisand told The Times. “You can say ‘molested,' but those children, as you heard say [grown-up Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them"  --  LIBERAL INSANITY: Barbra Streisand Says That Because The Pedophile Gay Sex Michael Jackson Had With Child Victims ‘Didn’t Kill Them’ That It’s OK

RedState  --  The REAL Collusion, Part 2: What Is the Connection Between James Clapper, Victor Pinchuk, and CTO of Only Company To Work on Hacked DNC Server?


ZeroHedge  --  UK Denies Asylum To Christian Convert From Iran Because "Christianity Is Not Peaceful"

SHTFPlan  --  NJ Governor Signs “Rain Tax” Bill; Residents Can Now BE TAXED When It Rains On Their Property

CampusReform  --  Precious Progressive, Venezuelan Socialist Snowflakes can't understand the Constitution doesn't protect you from being offended. Obviously products of Bad Breeding and Low IQ  -- VIDEO: Students say offensive speech is not free speech

TrueNews  --  The nation’s largest Christian retailer will now operate as an online entity only  --  LifeWay to Close All 170 Stores

TheDailySheeple  --  ‘Highly Profitable Scam’: Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Ripping Off Donors,’ Former Staffer Says

AllNewsPipeline  --  Sun Casts C-4 Class Solar Flare Towards Earth Arriving Next 2 Days As New Report Warns Of Havoc Ahead: Devastating Solar Storm Could Bring Modern Society To A Screeching Halt

AllNewsPipeline  --  The World Has Gone Mad - Six True News Stories That Makes Us Think We Fell Into The Twilight Zones

Breitbart  --  Republican-Democrat Rift Widens over Abortion

ReformationCharlotte  --  The False Gospel of the Evangelical Reparations Movement

​Breitbart  --  Planned Parenthood President: ‘No Such Thing as Infanticide in Medical Care’

TheEpochTimes  --  Throughout recorded history, and especially during WWII in Nazi Germany, who were the best at murdering Jews?  It was other Jews.  The determined who was fit for work in work camp and who ere murdered in the gas chambers  --  Question to My Fellow Jews: How Can You Still Vote Democrat?


NewsWithViews  --  Coach Dave Daubenmire Live  --  Do You Really Understand Why We’re Losing Our Country? America cannot survive amoral education. Do you still have your children in public schools? Are your grandkids there? Then you really don’t understand

GrandMangeri422Me  --  United Nations: The Embodiment of the Spirit of Antichrist

SurvivalDan101  --  The S**t Just Hit The Fan, Should I Bug Out or Survive in Place?- Part 2


KOMONews  --  KOMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in 'Seattle is Dying'   -- THE WHOLE WEST COAST FROM SEATTLE TO SAN DIEGO IS REAPING WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN! 

TheOrganicPrepper  --  REBELLION: Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and STATES Spring Up Across the Country

JustusKnight  --  13 minute YouTube video  --  I Accidentally Uncovered Something I Wish I Never Did - U.S. Gov Dark Secret Exposed!

CanadaFreePress   --  A "Ship of Fools, and "A Pack of Lies.  No man can be called "Reverend," and no female can be "Pastor"  --  Raging Pro-Death Activists Behind the Pulpits

EpochTimes  --  Testimony reveals Ohr sought job at Fusion GPS; emails reveal she frequently sent Russia research to Bruce Ohr and other DOJ officials  --  Former CIA Contractor Nellie Ohr Provided Husband at DOJ With Russia Research

StrangeSounds  --  FEMA to the "rescue."  Still, I'm not going to fret much over GMO laced corn and soybeans  --  Meanwhile Missouri towns ordered to evacuate  --  In Fremont County alone more than a million bushels of corn and nearly half a million bushels of soybeans have been lost  --  $1.3 billion damage in Nebraska from historic Midwest flooding  –  Meanwhile Missouri towns ordered to evacuate:  In Fremont County alone more than a million bushels of corn and nearly half a million bushels of soybeans have been lost 

TheWashingtonStandard  --  Dallas Outfront Media Refuses Pamela Geller’s Billboards Offering Help to At-Risk Muslim Youths in Danger of Honor Killing

TheBabylonBee  --  ***Satire Alert (with some truth mixed in)*** Resurrected Che Guevara Announces 2020 Run, Democrats Quickly Criticize As 'Too Moderate'


G_dTV  --  "There is no social media like USA.Life that unites and heals," – CEO, Steven Andrew  --  "There is no social media like USA.Life that unites and heals," – CEO, Steven Andrew

GatestoneInstitute  --  Britain's War on Christianity: Part I

SheliaMedia  --  Political leaders and public figures were falling over themselves this weekend to condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand, while dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria to the sound of crickets  --  Deafening Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians

GunsInTheNews  --  Democrats Use Nazi Policy To Get Registration, Then Confiscation, Of Your Guns

JustusaKnight  --  5G is a military, weapons grade system that attacks the brain.  Your brain is already being bombarded with your Bluetooth devices.  Now 6G? Wait for the Revelation, Tribulation/Great Tribulation incidents to arise.  Holograms?  --  6G ‘TERROR’Hz Approved! FCC’s ‘Experimental’ Spectrum Already Used To Burn, Confiscate & Destroy!

AllNewsPipeline  --  With Millennials More Stressed Out Now Than Ever Before, And Mostly About Their Smartphones, What Happens When We REALLY Arrive At TEOTWAWKI? 

EpochTimes  --  Majority Say Economy in Good Shape Under Trump: CNN Poll

TruthMedia  --  Couple this with 5G/6G technologies.  Remember the scene from  the first Matrix where Agent Smith was trying to "break into" Morpheus' mind to get the "codes" for Zion?  This is where this is leading  --  This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

​Breitbart  --  Baffoonish, Clownish and Biblically Illiterate nincompoop  --  Scarborough on Trump’s Evangelical Support: Trump Is the ‘Antithesis’ of Biblical Teachings — ‘Nothing Consistent’ with Jesus’ Teachings

NewsMax  --  I knew it was either going to be cannibalism or cell phones with 5G/6G capabilities giving rise to the "Zombie Apocalypse"  Or both  --  Tel Aviv Deploys 'Zombie Lights' for Mobile-Obsessed Walkers


SkyWatchNews  --  Sanders, Cortez, Soros, Democratic Socialism, New World Order, Antichrist… It’s All Starting To Add Up

StrangeSounds  --  US detects the second largest METEOR EXPLOSION in 30 years, and the biggest since the fireball over Chelyabinsk in Russia six years ago

TheDriveTheWarRoom  --  Offutt Air Force Base is succumbing to the massively swollen Missouri River and things could get worse before they get better  --  Home Of Strategic Command And Some Of The USAF's Most Prized Aircraft Is Flooding (Updated)

WilderWealthyWise  --  How the Constitution Dies

TheMillenniumReport  --  Did Gladio do New Zealand as a false flag to demonize Trump and shut down the Right?

RenseNews  --  'They Are Us'? Think Again - MSM Silence On Muslim Carnage  --  And Rape Gangs In Europe - 1 Million Raped In UK. In 12 Months.The Koran Calls For The Deaths Of ALL Non-Believers - Wake Up

ILoveMyFreedom  --  Oopsie!  In a shocking statement, NBC host Chuck Todd, who happens to be very liberal, stated that former President Barack Obama is responsible for America’s political divide  -- VIDEO: Chuck Todd Let’s His Guard Down, Actually Blames OBAMA For Division In America

YoutubeVideo  --  6:22 minute Video  -- ***HAPPENING NOW! Sen. Graham Just RELEASED THE SEALED INDICTMENTS! Hillary & MORE SHAKING IN FEAR NOW***

TheJuneauEmpire  --  ...It would take a book to go into all the benefits of going to church.  For me to program current events news articles for WRWL.ORG, I read a couple dozen or so websites.  Then I go through a couple dozen newspaper websites, reading 4 or 5 dozen articles for articles to repost.  I was reading through a handful of Alaska newspaper websites and found this article.
Working with prison inmates and the homeless are certainly a couple of those "good works" that Jesus and His Apostles alluded to.  And, you should first, evangelize your family and the neighborhood.  Not at all sure of "the arts."  I'm looking at your website you call your clergy "Reverend?"  Only G_d is Reverend.  I counted 23 "offices" listed on your staff page.  What in the world does the "Senior Warden" do?  The youth and people in general are not attending Church because the Bible says this will happen in the last day. The Living Bible is one of those bible perversions "supported" by the heretical Wescott/Hort texts.  I'd be confused too by your story.  I might never return to "church" myself
  --  Why go to church?


ZeroHedge  --  Just watched a video from somewhere here in the US, where a rail worker threatened the guy taking the video with arrest for filming them trying to get an engine back on the tracks after a derailment  --  NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For 'Possessing' Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, 'Dissenter' Banned

USAWatchdog  --  Recession Started Last Year – Money Printing Coming – Marc Faber

InfoWars  --  Self-described ‘eco-fascist’ admired Communist China and wanted to sow division in the US  --  Limbaugh: Christ Church Shooter A ‘Leftist’ Who Staged ‘False Flag’ Attack To Frame Conservatives

AllNewsPipeline  --  NZ Killer Created By The Media, For The Media - What The MSM Is Not Reporting From Killer's Manifesto Is More Telling Than What They Are

DonBoys  --  St. Patrick Was a Baptist!

ArmageddonNewsBlog  --  The Coming Second Civil War -- The Warnings Continue To Go Out  -- The Situation Continues To Deteriorate. The Mass Of Humanity Continues To Go About Its Normal

StrangeSounds  --  Geoengineering and weather wars continue to escalate  --  Sydney smashed with a month’s worth of rainfall in just 24 hours: Lightning, hail, flash flooding – Meanwhile CYCLONE forms off Queensland

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Bystander Apathy Is Wrecking America and It’s YOUR Fault!


LifeSite  --  Roswell, New Mexico Becomes ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’

NaturalNews  --  Conservative? Hardly. New Zealand mass shooter is a far-Left “eco-fascist” who praised communist China 

ActivistPost  --  Wasn't it the Club of Rome along with the Chamber of Commerce that helped Steve LaTourette launch the Main Street Partnership supporting Dave Joyce against Matt Lynch?  --  Busted: Club Of Rome Reveals Gushing Support For Green New Deal

Politico  --  Remembering when Slick Willie showed up one day, with a mysterious injury.  As the story was told later, Slick happened across Hildebeast having perverted Lesbian sex with Markie Post.  Hildebeast threw a lamp of some sort at him.  Seems like Hildebeast is at it again.  A Beto O'Rourke fan?  --  Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches

Breitbart  --  I can only imagine all this is linked to the Barry Soetero/Hildebeast cabals.  They've been trying to ignite a civil war in the USA for years  --  New Zealand Shooter Hopes for U.S. Civil War: ‘Conservatism Is Dead, Thank God’

Twitchy  --  Humm!  So, the led BP officers on a 2-hour foot chase, were caught and claimed they were seeking asylum?  Really?  Why didn't you save your energy, give up and claim asylum when first confronted by the BP?  We don't need criminal illegal future DemonRat voters.  Especially not stupid ones!  --  These 3 videos from CBP show EXACTLY why there’s a crisis on the southern border

LifeSite  --  Maine governor introduces bill to let non-doctors murder babies

BizPacReview  --  I understand these "churches" believe they are doing the right thing.  They may even believe it to be an opportunity to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No! Never, not ever to you become "bridge builders" to the world and let the world into G_d's Sanctuary, the Church.  These "pastors" think they're doing G_d's will, but in reality, by tearing down the walls of separation, they are doing a Biblically Illiterate thing. Doing the work of an Evangelist means being a Jewish Evangelist.  You take the truth in G_d's Holy Word, The Bible out into the world.  Today, too many of those institutions calling itself the Church rely strictly on alter calls. What are all those unsaved people doing sitting in your church, in the first place?  --  Churches of all faiths open doors to victims’ families in wake of New Zealand massacre


TheDailyMail.Co.UK  --  Trump issues an ominous warning during an interview that he has the 'support of the police, the military and Bikers for Trump' who are 'tough people' that will stay calm to a 'certain point', but 'then it would be very bad'

TheGatewayPundit  --  SCOOP: Antifa Planning ‘Halloween Party’ Protest at Tucker Carlson’s Home on Friday Evening  --  BIKERS FOR TRUMP AND EX-MIL NEED TO STAND UP FOR TUCKER AND FORM PERIMETER AROUND HIS HOUSE. 

TheDailyMail.Co.UK  --  Dozens of worshippers are slaughtered at two New Zealand mosques after Trump-supporting white supremacist opens fire and live-streams the massacre  --  Car bombs are found and a woman and three men - including one in a suicide vest - are arrested  --  'Something happened during his travels': The boy who turned into a Muslim-hating mass killer and murdered 49 in New Zealand after his dad died of cancer and he left Australia to travel the world including North Korea and Pakistan  

PatriotViralNews  --  Democrats and Media Organize Working to Better Organize their Attacks on Trump, Republicans in 2019

TheAmericanThinker  --  We Fight Now or the Socialists Win

TheEpochTimes   --  You might be wondering....How does this happen in a country with some of the most stringent "gun laws" on the planet?  --  Murder Charges Against Suspect in New Zealand Mass Shooting as Death Toll Reaches 49

AllNewsPipeline  --  Why Was John Podesta REALLY In New Zealand Days Before Mass Shooting?  --  Signs This Was A HUGE False Flag To Demonize Nationalism And Further Censor The Internet 


RaymondIbrahim  --  Islamic Apologias: Straining at Gnats while Swallowing Camels  --  It is no solace to learn that Islamic scriptures are being misinterpreted to promote this injustice, when their true interpretation actually permits that injustice. 

PaulJosephWatson  --  12:56 YouTube Video  --  Almost every factor that precedes the collapse of great civilizations has been met by the west  --  The Collapse of Western Civilization

TheNationalSentinel  --  Greenpeace co-founder: Most scientists who say there’s a ‘climate crisis’ are on ‘government grants’

SurvivalDan101  --  Hardcore Realities: How Horrific Will It Be For Those That Fail to Prep

AllNewsPipeline  --  The Endgame Is Upon Us: Destroy The Children By Indoctrinating Them Into Deviancy And Socialism And You Destroy The Future Of The Nation

ReformationCharlotte  --  Pope Francis Conducts Mass For Sodomite Catholics

TheRutherfordInstitute  --  Forced Blood Draws & Implied Consent Laws Make a Mockery of the Fourth Amendment

HalTurnerRadioShow  --  Beware the Ides of March.  The first thing I thought too was, Netanyahu is fighting for his political life and "False Flag"  --  **** MISSILES FIRED AT TEL AVIV **** UPDATED 7:15 PM AIR STRIKES NOW AGAINST GAZA


USAToday  --  U.S. deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide hit highest level since record-keeping began

AltMarkets  --  The Global Economic Reset Begins With An Engineered Crash

​DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  ​The Pope Is Creating a One-World Religion to Complement the Coming One-World Government

TheWashingtonStandard  --  The Christophobes(JESUS HATERS) In The US Senate  --  Two years ago, Vermont Sen. Bolshevik Bernie Sanders raked a Trump nominee over the coals because of the man’s theological views. Russell Vought, a nominee to the OMB, attended Wheaton college!  Did you get it?  Christianity is incompatible with what this country if about 

NowTheEndBegins  --  “On Thursday when I got to school, I see that there were pride flags, posters around my school,” Gabby said in the video. “And I felt the need to write down some Bible verses so I could put them around my school. And I wrote them down and I put them around the lockers, the walls.” It is unknown which Bible verses Gabby chose to share with her peers. Gabby said that when she was returning from lunch, she witnessed her teachers taking down the Bible verses.“The next day, I got called to the office and there is a letter that says that I have an ISS, which is an in-school suspension, and the reason why I have it is because ‘abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness’ because I put Bible verses up ‘targeting the GSA organization.’ I did not know what the GSA organization was or meant,” she claimed  --  High School Student Who Posted Bible Verses In Response To LGBTQP Pride Flags Is Suspended For ‘Targeting’ The Gay-Straight Alliance

SputnikNews  --  Great!  Wouldn't it be interesting to see who visited Obama, Bush and Clinton, too?  --  US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Force Trump Publish Visitor Logs


TheEconomicCollapse  --  Damascus is one of the longest inhabited cities in recorded history.  It is first mentioned in Genesis 14:15.  Josephus believed it was built by Uz, the son of Aram and grandson of Shem  --  Damascus To Become A “Ruinous Heap”?: Syria Threatens To Attack The Golan Heights And Israel Prepares For War

TheDailyMail.Co.UK  --  America is withdrawing all remaining diplomatic personnel from Venezuela as the country descends into chaos amid a nearly week-long blackout

PhiladelphiaCBSLocal  --  With it's close proximity to D.C., they could be migrating from there to south Jersey  --  ‘It Was Pretty Scary’: Hordes Of Vultures Taking Over South Jersey Town

AllNewsPipeline  --  The Canary In The Coal Mine Is Dead: No Power, Looting And Chaos In The Streets  --  Venezuela Is The Perfect Example Of Why Americans Should Run Far Away From Socialism

NowTheEndBegins  --  Shocking New Evidence Reveals That Girl Scouts USA Is A Pro-Abortion Organization That Supports Many Late Term Abortion Groups

TheIndependentSentinel  --  Evil Lawmakers Order Church to Pay for Elective Abortions

TheHalTurnerRadioShow  --  I believe this is where the "Zombiefication" of humanity starts....through cannibalism.  The Pan Am Highway has never been completed between the Americas because of the Darien Gap between Venezuela and Panama.  Otherwise, look for caravans forming from Venezuela to show up on our southern border  --  Venezuela in Complete Societal Collapse; Widespread Looting, Armed People attacking neighbors to get food . . ."We're Going to Start EATING EACH OTHER!"

RussiaToday  --  To you 100k, 501(c)(3) hirelings and FEMA credentialed milquetoast momma's boy prissy preachers...You could learn something from this faithful sheepdog  Loyal sheepdog tries to hunt down truck transporting his flock to the slaughterhouse  --  LET EVERY APOSTATE PASTOR,PRIEST AND PULPIT PERSON TAKE NOTE-DONT LEAD THE LORD'S FLOCK TO SLAUGHTER-LEARN FROM THIS SHEEP DOG! 

DCDirtyLaundry  --  I expect they would smell like Hell or Vulture bait Roadkill  --  Secret Service: Hillary and Obama stink like sulfur

TheRightScoop  --  BOOM! Federal Court overwhelming rules that Ohio CAN defund Planned Parenthood!

YouTubeVideo  --  Trinity Water


TheHalTurnerRadioShow  --  Isn't this the expressed goal of Communist/Socialist regimes?  They follow the Georgia Guidestones and its desire to cull the earth's population to half a billion people  --  FEARS OF ONE MILLION DEAD THIS WEEK

​TheDailyMailCoUK  --  Have to admit.  Global Warming/Climate Change sure is pretty  --  Incredible footage shows driver passing through 41 FOOT of snow near Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada

BlackListedNews  --  US Quarantines Over 2,200 Migrants Amid "Unprecedented" Disease Outbreaks

SurvivalDan101  --  Twenty Minutes Until Your Choices Are Gone

TabletMag  --  Data suggests that the more a religious movement is concerned with progressive causes, the more likely it is to rapidly lose members  --  Why Social Justice Is Killing Synagogues and Churches

Justusaknight  --  Missing!!  Have You Seen Her?  You Decide:  Is She Missed Or Gone Forever!?!  America Needs You!

AllNewPipeline  --   It May Soon Be Undeniable We Are Coming To The End Of An Age - Will Prophetic Judgement Follow?  --  The New 'Tower Of Babel' Is Now Being Globally Unveiled: Rush To A 'One World Religion' Is All Part And Parcel Of The Move Towards A 'One World Government'

CBNNews  --  'Literally Willing to Die': Why the Fight for Religious Liberty Hit Home for this Senator's Wife

OffTheGridNews  --  Here’s How The FBI Gets Your DNA Whether You Know It Or Not


USAWatchdog  --  Massive Secret Money Printing Will Shoot Gold HigherThe people in control of the U.S. dollar are very aware that this is coming too. This is why they are talking more about gun control and putting in more pieces to implement a police state in America   

Breitbart  --  Yea!  Right!  I believe Progressive DemonRats are just as disgusting as how King David described the Sons of Belial near the end of 2nd Samuel.  Don't touch them and don't do business with them  --  Lindsey Graham: Democrats, GOP Can ‘Come Together’ for Gun Confiscation Law

ActivistPost  --  If You Don’t Want Dangerous 5G-'(PENTA-DEATH'-SQ) Technology Installed Throughout Your Community, Boycott 5G Companies

TheHill  --  Really Good News!  --  Trump plans to implement transgender military ban after court ruling



​​Corruption in Trinity County, CA



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