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20 Oct 2018

LifeNews  --  Nothing in the Progressive, DemoRat narrative is working for them.  Remember, G_d has said He will chose their delusion  --  Claire McCaskill Under Fire After Staffer Admits Planned Parenthood Secretly Funnels Money to Her

19 Oct 2018

TheHalTurnerRadioShow  --  Here it comes: War in Gaza - Israel deploys Tanks, Armor, Seals Area with Cement Blocks

CharismaNews  --  11 Reasons Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween

HealthImpactNews  --  The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

TheMilleniumReport  --  Khashoggi Assassination Plot Exposed

NaturalNews  --  The Sodomite, Brown Shirt "Gaystapo" in action  --  LGBT thought police now a danger to public health as Twitter bans LifeSiteNews for science article covering spread of STDs among gay men

HotAir  --  Rut Row:  I remember Commie Connie Shultz, his wife state how devastated she would be if it came out her husband were caught doing something like this  --  Uh oh: Woman claims “unwanted” sexual advance by Senate Dem in “late 1980s” 

LifeNews  --  Unborn Babies are Unique From Day One, Pro-Life is Pro-Science

Breitbart  --  I forget the dollar amount quoted in the earlier version of the story.  I think it was around $160k that FascistBook stole from this Triple Amputee Vet  --  Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Vows to Haul Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg into Court  --  Link to Brian's website imbedded in Breitbart article

Breitbart  --  Acosta gets accosted  --  ‘F*** You’: CNN’s Jim Acosta Triggered by Joke from Former Trump Staffer

BluntForceTruth  --  Creepy Porn Lawyer update  --  Judge Freezes Avenatti’s Law Firm With Restraining Order For Unpaid Debts And Back Taxes

InfoWars  --  I knew Hildebeast is Reptilian  --  Big tech doesn’t want you to see this footage  --  See The Satirical Hillary Reptile Video Causing Twitter to Ban Accounts

Freebeacon.Com  --  US Pledges $300 Million in Aid to Iraqi Christians

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Firebombing of church comes to America

18 Oct 2018

KIONNewsChannel  --  Cookies mixed with cremated human remains passed out at CA school

SilverIsTheNew  --  SHTFplan: Dollar Crash Imminent: China And Japan Dump U.S. Treasuries

NeonNettle  --  Revelations about Democrat's heritage hijacking take a sinister turn   --  “But the most stunning discovery about the life of O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is that her husband, Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee – the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837,” Leahy wrote  --  Elizabeth Warren's Ancestor Slaughtered Native Americans, Report Finds
  --  Bureaucratic politics, negligence and gross incompetence account for why the U.S. government has failed to protect Americans from this existential threat  --  President Ronald Reagan's White House Science Adviser Warns: Ignoring The Vulnerability Of The Electrical Grid Is A Death Sentence For Americans​
RussiaToday  --  US doctors baffled as rare spinal disease spreads across 22 states

InfoWars  --  Putin is normally restrained in his rhetoric  --  After nuclear holocaust, we’ll go to heaven as martyrs; attackers will die as sinners – Putin  

NeonNettle  --  Hint, hint:  They are buying Gold  --  Russia's holdings of US Treasury bonds plummeted by $81 billion in July
Breitbart  --  Nasty Nazi Nan, before you make idle threats, consider how much of your "opposition" owns firearms  --  Nancy Pelosi: There Will Be ‘Collateral Damage’ to Those Who Disagree with Us

LifeSite  --  65-year-old pro-lifer in hospital after being punched outside Florida Klanned Butcherhood

LifePetitions  --    PETITION: Tell the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

WND  --  Children's services took girl from parents, let her go across state lines to murder her baby  --  State Trying To Silence Pastor Upset Over Abortion For A 13-Year Old

ChristianPost  --  A Lesson in contrast:

Joh 10:11  I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. 
Joh 10:12  But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. 
Joh 10:13  The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

Today, major segments of the 501(c)(3) "whorehouses" with the word "Church" in it's name are typically led by hireling, milquetoast prissy boys that their momma called them to the ministry.  Many weren't called by the LORD Jesus Christ into the Gospel ministry and are FEMA credentialed "hirelings"  --  Kevin DeYoung Says Churches Should Be Mission Driven Like Navy SEALs, Not Comfy Coffee Houses

17 Oct 2018

AllNewsPipeline  --  Message To Hollywood Bimbos: You Do Not Speak For, Nor Represent, All Women In America  --  NewsFlash: We Do Not Care What You Think

DailyWire  --  U.S. Returns To #1 In Economic Category For First Time Since 2008

Breitbart  --  Andrew Gillum Graduated Training School That Spawned Soros Army of Revolutionaries

TheRightScoop  --  One down, 50k+ to go  --  Justice Department Arrests and Charges Senior Treasury Official Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards for Leaking ‘Suspicious Activity Reports’ Regarding Paul Manafort to Leftist Buzzfeed Reporter

LifeNews  -- Shades of "Murdering" Martin Ruddock who proudly stated "I've killed 100K babies in my career with a goal of 200K before I retire"  --  Abortionist: “I’m Proud” I Kill Babies in Abortions Because I’m “Helping People”

InfoWars  --  Remember the John Stormer, 1964 book titled None Dare Call It Treason.  The arrests have already started and I'd like to see Mika and Morning Schmoe in a cage match at Gitmo  --  “What more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th amendment or something else.”

ChristianPost  --  True, but Jesus never taught in the Beatitudes, "blessed are the stupid"  --  Enough With All the Rhetoric. Only God Can Save America

CNSNews  --  Those of you out there calling Progressive Demorats are spot on truthful  --  $13,799,501 Federal Contract Requires UC San Francisco to Obtain Aborted-Baby Parts to Humanize Mice

16 Oct 2018

Shepherdsheart.Live  --  Wondering about Zombie DNA  --  Do Brainwave Hunting Zombies Walk Among Us?

InfoWars  --  Top Democrats do not want to make America great  --  Hillary And Holder’s War On America

Townhall  --  Looking forward to FEMA camps in AmeriKa.  They're not simply behavioral modification/mind control reeducation camps.  Just a chance to "modernize your life"  --  China says camps for Muslims lead them to 'modern' life

InfoWars  --  Much hilarity ensued after it was pointed out that leftists who donated over $500,000 dollars to Stormy Daniels’ legal fund would now basically have to pay for Donald Trump’s court fees

InformationLiberation  --  More info on brain eating Zombie DemoKrauts eating their own  --  "Shame On You!" Leftists Attack Cherokee Nation For Criticizing Elizabeth Warren

ConservativeFiringLine  --  Present or future "love" interest for Hildebeast Klinton  --  AZ Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema summoned witches to 2003 anti-war rally — Reports

TheRightScoop  --  Not wanting to "incriminate himself, eh?  --  Fusion GPS co-founder pleads the FIFTH before House Judiciary Committee

TheChristianPost  --  12 Christians Arrested in Sudan for Sharing Gospel With Muslims

LifeNews  --  Violent Pro-Abortion Rally Ends With Abortion Activists Throwing Firebombs at Church

Commdiginews  --  More Isaiah 66:4:  "I also will choose their delusions"  --  Mental illness on the rise in America

FreedomWorks.Org  --  The DC Swamp is Running Attack Ads Against Conservative Jim Jordan to Stop Him From Being Speaker; Call 202-816-4429 and Tell Congress to Support Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House!  --  HELP SUPPORT CONGRESSMAN JIM JORDAN FOR SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE

15 Oct 2018

TheWashingtonStandard  --  A Psychological Assault on Freedom

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  “Dummycrats” Exposes the Exploitation of Blacks by the Democratic Party

LifeZette  --  Failed presidential candidate manages to maintain this in 2018 with a straight face  --  The problem with Hildebeasts assertion is, Slick is the one that wasn't "an adult"  --  Hillary Says Bill Clinton’s White House Affair Was Not an ‘Abuse of Power’

TheFederalist  --  5 Epic Pro-Life Smackdowns That Speak Truth To Abortion Power

FOXNews  --  Ben Shapiro: Ten reasons why you should go out and vote on November 6 (and vote Republican)

CNSNews  --  Dem Who Said, ‘I Stand for the Flag, I Kneel at the Cross’ Forced to Resign as Local Party Exec
Breitbart  --  Christians Charged with ‘Inciting a Muslim to Change Religion’ in Algeria

GotSlaves.Info  --  In 1973 while in the AF as an AFC, I was assigned to Eielson AFB outside of Fairbanks, Alaska  --  This was 1 Oct 1973.  I remember a number of details.  I got off the plane at the Fairbanks Int. AP, called for a taxi to the base.  It was very cold, blustery with snow blowing all over the place.  The next morning, there was "ice fog" with a temperature around zero.  I remember this, along with the NY Mets playing the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series.  At that time, most of the TV was on a 2-4 week delay.  This WS game was on a 1 day delay.  No live TV except for New Years Day bowl games and the Super Bowl.  You would still be seeing Christmas programs into January.  I digress.  The weather was brutally cold and getting only colder.  So, I've been logging onto weather websites checking the Fairbanks, AK weather.  Still in the 40's-low 50's.  Weather wars? Geoengineering?  Whatever!  --  Winter Outlook for USA: ‘Cold and snowy winter’ for eastern & southern U.S.

14 Oct 2018

ShephardsHeart.Life  --  The dangers of Halloween  --  Your Brain on Horror

YouTubeVideo  --  55:00 minute video on Hurricane Michael and geoengineering  --  Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 13, 2018, #166 ( Dane Wigington )

NYPost  --  Luke 11:17  But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth  --  Can our modern ‘house divided’ remain one nation? From prominent Democrats, there are daily calls for resistance in the streets, and our restaurants and theaters have turned into no-go zones for people of the wrong political party. 

ActivistPost  --  Pollution Caused by Wireless Wi-Fi Radiation is Topic of “Wireless Silent Spring”

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  You’d best vote. The facts presented are irrefutable. For those that have eyes to see, and ears to hear the truth, one better take a friend to vote on November 6th. We are facing a Bolshevik revolution. In the short-term, we have a choice, ballots or bullets.  --  HR 1111-The Democrats and the UN Plan to Seize Control of the Government

CNSNews  --  Kevin Griffis, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of communications, told NPR in an interview that the organization was working to “change people’s perception of abortion so that they see it for what it is – which is a really safe medical procedure and a typical, standard part of healthcare.  --  Planned Parenthood Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Plan to Protect, Expand Abortion if Roe is Overturned

TheDailyCaller  --  FBI Has Evidence That ‘Directly Refutes’ Premise Of Trump-Russia Probe, GOP Rep Says

13 Oct 2018

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  We are seeing, right before our very eyes the fulfillment of Isaiah 66:4; Psalm 2:1 and others, the spiritual battle being taken place by Satan and his minions against G_d.  Since Satan can't touch the Supreme Court of the Universe, he attacks those he can reach, G_d's Children.  When I read this feckless females derisive rant, it's not difficult to see the fulfillment of Isaiah 3:12 where "children are their oppressors, and women rule over them."  No! Not difficult at all!  Because of delusion, they hate "white, privileged men" like Justice Kavanaugh.  We are certainly teetering on the precipice of Isaiah 3 and 4.  In many ways we are already there  --  Feminist professor screams at her 71-year-old husband: ‘I hate all men and wish you all dead!’

InfoWars  --  More "derision and delusion" from the Supreme Court of the Universe  --  Antifa Vandalizes NYC GOP Headquarters, ‘Attack Merely a Beginning’

ConservativeTribune  --  Wouldn't be far fetched from the "derision, delusional" crowd, most everyone is being spied upon the FBI and other government "intel" agencies  --  Lawless FBI’s Dir. Refuses To Deny That Trump’s Phone Calls Are Being Listened To

ThePoliticalInsider  --  President Trump Unloads on Eric Holder’s Call for Violence

OmegaDynamics  --  PUTREFACTION: get ready..."the season is changing"!

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  -- January 10, 1963: A Red Letter Day In America.  Congress began reading Skousen's 45 Communist Goals  -- Trump’s Last Stand Against the Communist Take Over of America

AllNewsPipeline  --  Creepy Video Shows Large-Scale Mind Control Going On In The Democratic Party As 'Big Tech' Launches All Out War Upon Conservative News In Attempt To Steal Mid Term Elections And 'Stop Shocking Political News' From Going Viral

Breitbart  --  The delusion of George Clooney  --  George Clooney: Trump Wants Us to Fear Muslims, Immigrants, Strong Women

ZeroHedge  --  While the Enemedia Presstitutes will try and make Hurricane Michael, Trumps Katrina, wondering what "noodle brained" general didn't evacuate billions of dollars of aircraft.  I smell a "Deep State/Shadow Government game a foot  --  Hurricane Cost May Skyrocket As Billions In Stealth Fighter Jets Unaccounted For; Tyndall AFB "Complete Loss"

FreedomOutpost  --  While the media and the administration continue to stand by without covering, denouncing or even commenting on the brutal, heinous and disgusting abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial, information has uncovered that Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone Holder, a practicing OB/Gyn, co-owns an Atlanta area abortion clinic building with her sister, where an abortion doctor is under indictment for Medicaid fraud  --  Eric Holder's Wife Sharon Malone Holder: Co-Owner Of Clinic Engaging In Apparent Non-Legal Abortion Activity

GatewayPundit  --  Pastor Brunson then got on his knees, put his hand on Trump’s shoulder and prayed for the President at the White House  --  What a touching moment–God Bless Pastor Brunson and his family  --  Pastor Brunson’s prayer:  --  “Father, God I ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit on President Trump–that you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country. I ask that you give him wisdom to lead this country to righteousness. I ask that you give him perseverance and endurance and courage to stand to truth. I ask that you protect him from enemies…I ask that you make him a great blessing to this country and fill him with your wisdom and strength and perseverance and we bless him and may he be a blessing to our country, in Jesus name…Amen.”  -- Freed Pastor Brunson Kneels Down and Prays for President Trump in White House (VIDEO)

GovSlaves.Info  --  Organization and Communication Structure of the Swamp Uncovered

RumorMillNews  --  URGENT!! Hurricane Michael Was a TARGETED STRIKE!!! make copies!! VIDEO 21.19min

RumorMillNews  --  Hurricane Michael Microwave Manipulation (Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch - 1-MIN VIDEO

12 Oct 2018

Breitbart  --  Kris Kobach Prevented from Riding in City Parade with Replica Military Gun

WTPotus.Wordpress.Com  --  The War on White Males

BigLeaguePolitics  --  EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation

ExposingSatanism.Org  --  Witches plan to put a Hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh

InfoWars  --  Greece: Large Christian Cross Pulled Down Because it Could Be “Offensive” to Muslim Migrants

TheOrganicPrepper  --  Why the Coordinated Alternative Media Purge Should TERRIFY Everyone:Soon Those Who Hate Freedom Will Have Unquestioned Access to the Minds of 2 Billion People

WesternJournal  --  Make American Weapons Great Again: Trump Wants No More Chinese Parts

ShepherdsHeart.Life  --  Will OSIRIS REx Teams with AI to Provide You with Prosperity?

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Trump administration HHS dumps contract to buy aborted baby body parts

TheDailySheeple  --  Watch: Liberal Protester Threatens To RAPE Reporter… Feminists Immediately Jump In To Defend Him And Deny It Happened

Breitbart  --  Donald Trump Celebrates Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson

Breitbart  --  Planned Parenthood Unveils Marketing Plan to ‘Expand and Protect’ Abortion on Demand

AllNewsPipeline  --  Pitiful Democrats Devolve Into 'The Party Of Mess And Corruption'​  --  President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela​
AllNewsPipeline  --  Good Riddance To A Movement That Causally Destroyed Careers Without Due Process  --  Is This The Beginning Of The End Of #MeToo? As Author Of 'Sh*tty Media Men' List Gets Sued, Sexual Assault Charge Against Weinstein Dropped Over Accuser's Credibility

LifeNews  --  Children’s Hospital Says It Will Euthanize Kids Without Parental Consent

HotAir  --  TEA Party, Mob or not Mob?  Precious Zombified Weaponized Snowflake, Social Just-US Warrior Soldiers, Mob, not Mob?  --  Reminder: The left had no problem labeling the Tea Party a ‘mob’

Elect Ron Young for Lake County Commissioner

11 Oct 2018

NewsWithViews  --  The Origin Of Marxist Feminism

SputnikNews  --  I often wonder about the timing of news such as this.  Are they ready to use this technology on Antifa radicals and Precious Weaponized Snowflake, Social Justice Warrior Soldiers?  --  DHS Unveils Electromagnetic Pulse Defense Strategy

BurningPlatform  --  A great article on the SWAMP  --  Dirty Deeds Done: The People of the Slough

SHTFPlan  --  I listened to Texe Marrs speak about AmerRuss  --  The U.S.S.A about 15-20 years ago.  It didn't make a lot of sense then but, looks entirely possible now  --  The U.S. Is “Morphing” Into The U.S.S.A. – The United States of Soviet America

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Mob Rule Always Precedes Civil War and Obama Has Emerged as the Chief Mobster

ShepherdHeart.Life  --  Specialty Chaplains Become Armchair Assassins Controlling Slaughterbots

AllNewsPipeline  --  The Very Last Thing The Moral Wasteland Called The Democratic Party Should Want Is Civil War  --  With Republicans Energized And Angry, Hillary Clinton And 'The Mob' Should Be Careful What They're Wishing For

TheFederalist  --  This film isn’t only a movie to see if you’re ardently pro-life. This is a movie for anyone interested in crime, in justice, in health care, and in reform  --  What ‘Gosnell’ Media Censors Don’t Want You To See Is A True-Crime Drama About Abortion

EpochTimes  --  Democrats Embrace Socialism in Battle to Win Midterm Elections

LifeZette  --  If Supreme Court's new conservative majority wants to end the procedure, it can review proposed 'dismemberment' ban  --  Here’s the Abortion Case That Could Overturn Roe v. Wade

Newsmax  --  NBC News: US Pastor to Be Released After Secret Turkey Deal

10 Oct 2018

USAWatchDog  --  Freaked Out New World Order vs. We the People – Alex Newman

NowTheEndBegins  --  The United States bishops have petitioned the pope to launch an “apostolic visitation” — a full Vatican investigation — into the McCarrick case, which so far has fallen on deaf ears. The president of the U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB), Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, followed up on the petition by traveling to Rome last month to urge Francis to open the investigation but returned to the U.S. empty-handed  --  Explosive Report From Catholic Archbishop Names Pope Francis As Geopolitical Mastermind With ‘Back Channel Operatives’ In Vatican Intrigue

SkyWatchTV  --  Five in Ten 10/9/18: Most American Christians Hold New Age Beliefs

ZeroHedge  --  Retired Green Beret: What Can Be Done When They Come For The Guns?

AOL.Com  --  Walmart just made an announcement that may make you never want to shop there again


InfoWars  --  Michael Savage Calls on Trump to Order Arrest of Antifa Members  --  Homeland Security should “round up the leadership”

France24  --  Has the world gone mad? Mental health disorders on the rise globally

National Security Strategy of the United States of America

FOXNews  --  Hillary Clinton: Democrats 'cannot be civil' with Republicans anymore

AllNewsPipeline  --  Senator's Ties To Jim Jones And His Cult Of Death Have Long Been Forgotten!  --  The Secret History of Dianne Slimestein Helps To Explain The Democrats Descent Into Madness: California Democrats 'Drank The Kool Aid' 

TheDailyCaller  --  What will be lost in the account by the Enemedia Presstitutes as PMSNBCNN is, Kavanaugh hired an entire team of female legal clerks, and more blacks in his first days in office than "Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg" has her entire career  --  Anger Recedes As Normalcy, Good Humor Characterize Kavanaugh’s First Day On The Supreme Court

TheRevolutionaryAct  --  Conservative Patience With Leftist Violence Is Not Infinite

TheDailyMail  --  OK!  Just a little freaky.  I was already interested in the storm being named Michael  --  Hurricane Michael turns into a terrifying skull in satellite image as monstrous Category 4 storm roars closer to Florida

AllNewsPipeline  --  America Is Closing In Upon 'An Event That Changes Everything'  --  If These 'Trigger Events' Happen, The 'Final Domino' Will Fall - The Left Is Playing Out Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' To A Tee 

Breitbart  --  Oops!  For the Clinton News Network proud of the plantation Negroes voting mostly Communist Democrat, they sure know how to alienate black people into voting Republican  --  CNN Slammed as ‘Full Blown Racist’ After Commentators Call Kanye West ‘Token Negro’

LifeNews  --  Abortion Activist Jordan Hunt Released on $500 Bail After Assaulting Pro-Life Woman

TheFederalist  --  In a newly released video, a young man is seen destroying and trying to steal pro-life signs at Indiana University  --  WATCH: Man Steals And Destroys Pro-Life Signs At Indiana University

9 Oct 2018

DailyMail  --  'We're going back to 1918': A pandemic worse than the Spanish Flu may be coming as more people become obese and antibiotic resistant, study warns

RussiaToday  --  Frightening and dangerous future of warfare as ‘Robocalypse’ is on the horizon

FellowshipOfTheMinds  --  Men Without Chests Threaten Our Culture and Civilization

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  Can America Be Successfully Invaded and Occupied?

AllNewsPipeline  --  America Is Closing In Upon 'An Event That Changes Everything'  --  If These 'Trigger Events' Happen, The 'Final Domino' Will Fall - The Left Is Playing Out Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' To A Tee

Alt-Market.Com  --  The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The U.S. - And No One Is Paying Attention

NeonNettle  --  Investigators confirm 'two bullets found in pilot's body' after Putin prosecutor killed  --  Russian Who Offered Hillary Clinton 'Dirt', Murdered in Helicopter Crash
  --  While you are being distracted by Nikki Haley resigning  --  Former Top FBI Lawyer Testified that Rosenstein “Seriously” Considered Secretly Recording Trump

DailyMail  --  On possible reason for the "zombification" of America  --  Soaring antidepressant use is turning our waters into a 'drug soup' and changing marine life's ability to mate, feed and move

NeonRevolt  --  “I Do Know They Are Great People!” #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #RedOctober #NEONREVOLT

YouTubeVideo  --   40min video by John B. Wells--Caravan to Midnight  --  *** Q: ARE YOU READY TO SEE ARRESTS? -- John B. Wells***

AmericanGreatness  --  Real Men Don’t ‘Shut Up’—But They Do ‘Step Up’

8 Oct 2018

DailyMail  --  Male fertility crisis: Obesity, smoking and exposure to plastics are to blame for huge drop in sperm quality, scientists say as rate of men seeking treatment soars 700% in just 15 years

RussiaToday  --  Six cases of rare polio-like neurologic illness ‘with no cure’ confirmed in Minnesota

AmericanThinker  --  The Democratic Ten Commandments

AllNewsPipeline  --  This Is A History Lesson Every American Should Know: The Evolution of Armed America And How The 2nd Amendment Helps Protect The 'American Dream'

DaveHodgesCommonSenseShow  --  What to Expect When the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections

NaturalBlaze  --  5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves as Pentagon Crowd Control System

LifeNews  --  Facebook Censors Ads for New Gosnell Movie About Abortionist Convicted for Murder

AmericanThinker  --  More "zombie apocalypse"  --  Leftist demonic rage on display

TownHall  --  The Feminist Brain: An Incoherent Mess

TheDailyWire  --  WATCH: Shapiro Gives Fiery, Unprecedented Assault On Abortion On His Fox News Special

Constitution.Com  --  The Economy Roars, Media Cries Foul, Kavanaugh Attacked, and More!


DailyWire  --  Newly-confirmed justice frustrates Democrats' "anti-women" narrative  --  Kavanaugh's First Action As Supreme Court Justice Makes History, And Dems Won't Like It

WashingtonExaminer  --  Democratic fundraiser says America is racist and sexist, 'F--k the bible voters'

7 Oct 2018

GatewayPundit  --  BREAKING: GOP Senators Receive Death Threats on Their PERSONAL CELL PHONES Following Kavanaugh Confirmation


ExposingSatanism  --  More "zombification" evidence  --  The Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth by Crazed Feminist Jezebels

EndTimeMinistries  --  Six-Year-Old School Children Instructed to Write Gay Love Letters to Make Them ‘Accepting of Diversity’

TEAParty.Org  --  MUST SEE: Grassley Releases Timeline of Ford Investigation — Shows Feinstein and Democrats Lied Throughout Process



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